Will Iain Glen's Batman Show Up In Titans Season 2?

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Before DC Universe unveiled Titans to the world, fans weren't at all sure what to expect from the then-new streaming service. It barely took any time at all, though, to prove that Titans could bring all the face-smashing action and heightened character development of the comic book medium to live-action in wild and awesome ways. Of all the questions that remained after the Season 1 finale though, the one that looms largest is likely, "Will Batman ever show up?"

Titans star Curran Walters, who plays the slightly anarchic Jason Todd, got promoted to series regular for Season 2, putting him more squarely in the fun. Walters shared an image that shines a delightfully positive light on Batman's chances of appearing in upcoming episodes. Check it out!

Sure, it would be easy to play devil's advocate here to talk about how the above image doesn't necessarily guarantee that Batman will appear. Maybe that chair was originally crafted to be used in Season 3, even though it hasn't been renewed yet. (Okay, so that's not the strongest argument.)

With Season 2 on the way in September, anticipation is building for where Titans will kick things off. (Especially considering the second season premiere was originally intended to be the first season's last ep.) When we last left the heroes and villains, Dick was under the control of Raven's father, the demon Trigon (Seamus Dever). Trigon messed with Dick's head to make him think that Batman had foregone the whole "no killing people" clause, causing Dick to embrace his own deepening darkness.

The chances for Batman's Season 2 arrival skyrocketed after Titans cast Game of Thrones fan favorite Iain Glen to play Bruce Wayne, even though the initial reports weren't clear about whether or not Glen would be suiting up as the Caped Crusader. At 58, Glen is something of an older actor, which fits in with Dick and Jason Todd's descriptions of Batman being an older and increasingly disgruntled guy. As such, getting into tight costumes for intense action sequences might not be his bag.

One could then argue that Iain Glen will be playing Bruce Wayne, while another actor could step in to physically play Batman himself. But then we have to refer back to the chairs in the image above. There isn't one for "Bruce Wayne" and one for "Batman." It's the same chair, implying it'll be the same actor playing both. After all, Curren Walters plays both Jason Todd and Robin (2.0), and that's what his chair says.

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Season 1 of Titans had a lot of fans thinking that Batman would be making a presumably rage-filled appearance at some point, considering both Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter ego got name-checked throughout the episodes, starting off quite strongly with that whole "Fuck Batman" line. But the clues got more systematic later in the season with legitimate visuals indicating the Dark Knight's direct presence in the finale, along with those of The Joker, The Riddler, The Ventriloquist and more.

Of course, it was all revealed to just be figments of Dick Grayson's purposefully tainted imagination, meaning none of those characters have officially appeared in Titans canon yet. But Season 2 is bringing a heap of new faces in, including Joshua Orpin's Conner "Superboy" Kent, Esai Morales as Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson (and his son Jericho) and Drew Van Acker as Aqualad, along with several others. Here's hoping Batman will one day show up to fight alongside some of them.

As it was revealed during this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Titans Season 2 will make its debut on DC Universe on Friday, September 6. Be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend to see all the new and exciting Titans Season 2 news while waiting for Dick Grayson to brood his way back into our lives.

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