Another Life Actress Selma Blair Shaves Head After MS Setback

Selma Blair sees aliens in Another Life

Selma Blair, who stars in Netflix’s Another Life, recently made a big life change. The actress revealed a brand new look over the weekend, noting that she ultimately opted to shave her head following a setback to her immune system due to her MS diagnosis.

Selma Blair revealed a few days ago that she had been immunocompromised with Multiple Sclerosis, which basically means for the next three months she’ll have to take particular care to avoid being sick as she is currently immunocompromised. Part of her journey has included hair loss, and the actress has posted on social media about how she cut her remaining hair off when the hair loss got bad. She debuted her brand new look recently on social media, revealing more about what has been going on with her health in recent weeks. She said:

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The actress noted back in October of 2018 that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time, she thanked Netflix and Another Life for allowing her to keep her job despite difficulties, which she said at the time included falling “sometimes” and having a “foggy” memory.

In the time since her diagnosis, Selma Blair has decided to be upfront about her journey with the disease. She’s written myriad posts explaining both struggles and triumphs in her battle with MS and she’s used her celebrity to bring awareness of the disease to the forefront. She’s even discussed wanting to put together a clothing line for people going through the same sorts of difficulties.

More recently, the actress took another closer look at her new shaved head look as she relaxed on a Sunday afternoon near the pool.

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In a previous post, the actress also mentioned a difficulty with a scab that had trouble healing, as well as a hope that her eyebrows remain intact through her Multiple Sclerosis treatment. She posted:

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Battling MS is not an easy thing, but it’s admirable that Selma Blair is opting to make her journey public so that people can understand more about the disease. She, like other celebrities who have dealt with medical conditions, can often do more to bring awareness by remaining in the limelight.

Blair’s new Netflix series Another Life first dropped on the streaming service at the end of July. The series also stars Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff, who previously worked on the Netflix transplant Longmire.

We haven’t heard whether or not the sci fi series will return for Season 2, yet, although Netflix has shown more of a penchant for cancelling programming more recently than it has in previous years.

However, all 10 episodes can currently be binged to your hearts content. You can see what else is headed to streaming with our full August Netflix schedule.

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