Tamron Hall On NBC Passing Over Her: Like Not Getting 'Picked To Be On The Kickball Team'

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Tamron Hall was part of the popular Today team on NBC for several years before news broke in early 2017 that she'd be losing her slot to Megyn Kelly, who had made a highly-publicized departure from her longtime home at Fox News. Hall was reportedly shocked at the news that she would lose her hour, which she co-hosted with Al Roker, for Kelly, and she subsequently left the Peacock Network and MSNBC.

Now, as she's poised to kick off her own new talk show next month on ABC, Tamron Hall opened up on how it felt to be passed over by NBC, saying this:

Megyn’s success or not, I already knew they made the wrong choice when I left the door. I would never measure myself against her success or perceived lack thereof…..whether that show made it or not, I knew I was making the right decision for me… We’ve all been the kid who didn’t get picked to be on the kickball team.

Tamron Hall shared her feelings about losing her slot at NBC during ABC's event at the summer 2019 TCA Press Tour (via Variety), and she was both classy and clear when describing what it was like. While she could have been bitter about Megyn Kelly or even a bit pleased about Kelly losing her slot on Today following some controversial comments about blackface (and some tanked ratings), she focused on her reaction to the shocking news and her subsequent decision to leave NBC.

It's unfortunate for Tamron Hall that she had to experience the feeling of not getting picked, especially since she was already on the "kickball team" of Today when Megyn Kelly was brought in to take over an hour of the show. Her exit from the series was pretty unceremonious as well, as she didn't get a grand farewell or lengthy tribute that viewers might have expected. Al Roker did address her departure, but only in a 30-second clip during Today back in early February 2017.

Notably, NBC did not fire Tamron Hall after deciding to give her Today slot to Megyn Kelly, although Hall's contract was set to expire shortly after the news broke. Hall later revealed that while Kelly got an offer she couldn't refuse to join the Today team, NBC's offer to Hall was one she could refuse. Hall left NBC of her own volition, which also meant her departure from MSNBC.

While her experiences with NBC in early 2017 clearly weren't positive for Tamron Hall, she has gone on to land a talk show of her own that will debut on ABC in the not-too-distant future. The new show will be fittingly called Tamron Hall and air in syndication beginning on Monday, September 9. Had she stayed at Today and NBC, she might never have had the chance to host her own self-titled show, even if she had gotten her hour back after Megyn Kelly was ousted.

You can find Tamron Hall back on the small screen next month. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more on the biggest and most exciting fall TV premieres that are coming up.

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