The Blacklist: Watch James Spader Get Interrupted By A Bird In Exclusive Season 6 Gag Reel Clip

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The Blacklist Season 6 is coming to DVD with a hilarious gag reel in tow. What makes any gag reel great? Moments where cast members overcome line hurdles with deft comedic timing and energy. That's not exactly what you'll get from the excerpt below, but it does have the mostly unflappable star James Spader getting interrupted by a bird.

For anyone in need something else to tide you over before The Blacklist’s return – aside from pictures from the set and exciting teases from the cast, that is – this is arguably the best way you could spend the next 40 seconds of your life. Check out this exclusive clip featuring a hard-working James Spader trying to deliver some of Red Reddington's signature lines:

Fact: James Spader is the best! (In case anyone was somehow still unaware of that.) In the first half of the clip, The Blacklist actor has to handle getting interrupted by a bird who clearly thought its point was more important than Spader's. As if.

Fans will recognize that scene from Season 6, Episode 6, entitled “The Ethicist,” which is the episode where Red requested a psych evaluation amid his trial for treason. Not exactly subject matter that birds are well-spoken in.

It was also The Blacklist episode where Liz got busted by Ressler for crossing a major line. During Red’s time at the asylum, he was trying to find a crucial asset pertaining to his freedom. You would never know it from watching the scene, but James Spader had his work cut out for him with that bird around. (For its sake, I hope it wasn't a stool pigeon.)

Every time James Spader’s Red attempted to pump his contact for information, the bird would squawk. I have to say that when I first watched this clip, I thought that The Blacklist crew may have been playing a prank on Spader. The bird’s timing was impeccable!

It turns out that nature is sometimes all you need to create a hilarious yet hard-to-weather atmosphere for filming. Kudos to James Spader for staying so calm in the face of it. He is such a pro! Yet another reason the Emmys’ recent snub is so frustrating.

I also loved the part with Red’s Blacklist-er presentation. James Spader is such a legend! Last season’s gag reel featured Spader getting cracked up with Blacklist guest star, Nathan Lane, so Spader is on a gag reel roll! Let's get the actor guest-starring in some of NBC's comedies going into the new seasons.

There will be even more laughs to come because the clip above is not of the entire gag reel. It is just a portion of the action. You can watch the full gag reel via the DVD/Blu-ray release of The Blacklist Season 6, which arrives today, Tuesday, August 13. Other bonus features include deleted and extended scenes, as well as a look behind the scenes at the making of Season 6.

If that was not enough greatness in one stop, the DVD release also contains episode commentaries featuring the cast and crew. As a massive fan of those, you count me in on wanting a listen! There is a lot for everyone to discuss, given the never-ending mystique of The Blacklist's core plotlines.

The Blacklist Season 6 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. After this summer’s premieres finish up, The Blacklist will return for Season 7, which premieres on Friday, October 4 on NBC. New episodes will accordingly air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. You can watch previous seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix along with lots of newly released content.

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