The Blacklist Season 7 Has A Jaw-Dropping Start, Star Teases

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Amir Arison is teasing a jaw-dropping start to The Blacklist Season 7! Fans were previously graced with a picture of the cast starting work on the seventh season. Now, comes this exciting tidbit! Arison, who plays fan-favorite Aram Mojtabai, gave fans some stellar insight into his experience reading the first two scripts for Season 7.

If you were excited before, prepare to go into overdrive! This is what The Blacklist’s Amir Arison teased about the scripts for Season 7. On Twitter, Arison said:

These first two Blacklist scripts back feel like an entire season in itself!! That’s how many times my jaw dropped. Season 7 is gonna be something.

I cannot wait! It sounds like The Blacklist is not going to waste any time getting right into it. Considering the epic cliffhanger that it left off on this comment is reassuring. The Blacklist ended with Red getting kidnapped by Liz’s mom! Yes, Katarina is back in action, and her reunion with Red was filled with fireworks -- just not the kind many were likely expecting.

Amir Arison is teasing not just one jaw-dropping moment when The Blacklist returns either. He is hinting at multiple jaw-droppers and a whole season’s worth of stuff! That is what this Blacklist fans, OK particularly me, love to hear. That, and we love insight into the show’s long-term outlook. Hopefully, the ever-likable Aram will be front-and-center for all of this.

Just a reminder, do keep an eye out for The Blacklist's clue that Aram is ready to move on from Samar. It is completely understandable if Aram takes his time. His and Samar's heart-rending breakup last season was a lot to take in, and it led to Aram turning against Red for a time. Thankfully, they worked through it quickly.

Aram will be essential in helping track down Red, as I'd assume he is going to be impossible to find without the help of a computer genius. As Aram has proven countless times, he is an essential part of solving every mystery on The Blacklist. I cannot wait to see how he, Liz, Dembe, Cooper, and Ressler collaborate to help Red.

They will have to figure out where on earth he is, first. Katarina could have had him taken anywhere. He met up with her in Paris, France thanks to that tip from maybe-Ilya. A significant question revolves around whether or not Red told Dembe where he was going. For whatever reason, Red went to meet her alone, thus making his capture possible. If Dembe had been there, Katarina would not have succeeded.

If Dembe does know that Red was in Paris that would provide Liz and the Task Force with a place to start. Katarina had Red taken off in a van, so he could have been shipped anywhere (maybe even to Russia). That would be the last place anyone would suspect.

Katarina’s motive for taking off with Red is one of many questions that Season 7 will have to answer. There is also the continuing friction-causing mystery of Red’s true identity. If he is not Ilya Koslov, who is he? There is at least one potential other answer. Stay tuned to find out how these jaw-dropping episodes turn out!

After this summer’s premieres end, The Blacklist will begin. Season 7 premieres on Friday, October 4 on NBC and new episodes will air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. Need help coping with the wait? Or refreshing your memory on the countless clues that exist? You can watch previous seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix along with lots of newly released content.

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