Did Krypton Reveal The Arrival Of A Key DC Comics Hero In Season 2 Finale?

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of Krypton on Syfy, called "The Alpha and the Omega."

The second season of Krypton has come to an end on Syfy, and it ended with no shortage of twists to make the wait for news of Season 3 all the more painful. The show has not yet received the official renewal order, but after the apparent tease of a key DC Comics hero who could turn up in the next chapter of the Krypton saga, I'd say that it would be downright villainy if the series was cancelled now! Hawkwoman herself seems to be on the way.

Although Hawkwoman is hardly the biggest name in DC Comics history, and probably going to be confused with Hawkgirl from the Arrow-verse for folks who only know DC lore from what they get on the small screen, her introduction in Krypton would be both a big deal and a long time coming. Unfortunately, "The Alpha and the Omega" didn't show Hawkwoman on screen or actually name her, but if we can connect some dots, we can see why she's likely to turn up in Season 3, if Syfy gives the go-ahead.

Here's what happened in the Season 2 finale.

In "The Alpha and the Omega," Nyssa Vex took Adam Strange's Zeta Beam device with the intent of traveling to Rann and securing assistance in the mission to find Brainiac. It was a risky plan, and the risk may have backfired on Nyssa, although it'll be great for viewers if it does result in Hawkwoman making her Krypton debut. So, why is Hawkwoman likely on the way, if Nyssa was heading for Rann?

Well, it looks like Nyssa didn't end up on Rann, but on Thanagar, home of hawk-like people. In the comics, Rann and Thanagar are very close together in space, and that closeness tends to result in war between the planets. When Nyssa arrived wherever she landed, she found a bunch of burned corpses of what appeared to be soldiers. She did find one survivor, but he died before being able to answer her question of whether she'd reached Rann. All he could do was point toward the sky.

Nyssa didn't get a solid answer about where she was before the final credits rolled, but what she saw in the sky delivered a pretty huge clue. Take a look:

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Call me crazy, but those look like the silhouettes of Thanagarians with spread wings, flying in formation! Admittedly, they could also be Parademons or some other flying foe from the pages of DC Comics, and that would be a whole other kind of mess. Personally, I'm leaning toward Thanagar and the subsequent introduction of Hawkwoman at this point.

In the comics, Hawkwoman was a Thanagarian police officer. She's primarily based on Earth in most arcs, so Krypton's Hawkwoman would likely be a departure from past versions of the character. It does stand to reason that a Thanagarian police officer would be actively involved in a war with Rann.

Then there's the fact that Hawkwoman was intended to be part of Krypton from very early on. Back before Krypton even premiered its first season, executive producer Cameron Welsh revealed that a bunch of DC characters would appear on the show thanks to the convenience of time travel, and Hawkwoman was among those named.

Also named were Brainiac, Doomsday, Adam Strange, Booster Gold, and Black Mercy. Considering the introductions that have already happened, doesn't it stand to reason that Hawkwoman is still on the way, and simply got pushed back a few seasons?

For now, we can only cross our fingers that Krypton scores a renewal order sooner rather than later. You can always relive Season 1 streaming on DC Universe and the first two seasons streaming on Hulu. A bunch of other DC Comics superhero series are headed to the small screen in the not-too-distant future, including four of the five Arrow-verse shows, Black Lightning, and Titans. And hey, at least there's that Lobo spinoff!

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