Seth Rogen Says The Boys Season 2 Premiere Is 'Way Better' Than He Hoped

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The Boys made quite the splash when it hit Amazon just a few weeks ago, and part of the reason for that is the twisted superhero tale's tendency to deliver lots of bloody violence along with sex, complex characters and some very dark comedy. Fans were thrilled to find out that Season 2 is already underway, and now we're hearing what we can expect from the second season premiere. According to co-creator and producer Seth Rogen, Season 2 of The Boys is going to get started off with bang.

They already have more resources for the second season. They’re adding more characters, the scope of the show organically grows as the show continues. We just watched, actually, the first episode of the second season this week. It was a wonderful thing as producers. This is way better than I ever could’ve hoped it would be.

Oooh. This all sounds so exciting! The Boys already managed to deliver pretty much everything anyone could want in a story about superheroes gone lazy, careless and just plain evil, so the idea that they will be able to dial all of those ingredients up to 11 in Season 2 is enough to make fans want all of it in their eyeballs right now.

As Seth Rogen told Collider when he spoke to the outlet along with his producing partner / co-creator Evan Goldberg, there are more resources available to the show for Season 2 in order for those behind The Boys to really turn on the gas, which isn't a huge surprise. Not only did Amazon have enough faith in this new take on the superhero genre to renew it a week before Season 1 even hit the streamer, but once it did debut it surpassed viewing predictions in its first two weeks.

If the Season 2 premiere of The Boys blew Seth Rogen away, that really does bode well for fans who are hoping to get a similarly intense experience as they did in the first season.

While showrunner Eric Kripke recently said that he was trying to make Season 2 "deeper" instead of "bigger," according to what Seth Rogen has said, The Boys will manage to deliver on both of those aspects. The first season ended in a truly intriguing place, which does lend itself to taking the upcoming episodes in a bigger, deeper direction that would fulfill Rogen's promise of an increased scope. I'm sure Season 2 will continue to draw from the comics series by Garth Ennis, but there are innumerable directions that Kripke and his team could take The Boys.

Rogen also mentioned cast additions, and we found out that Aya Cash (You're the Worst) will debut as Stormfront (a female Shazam / Thor hybrid) in Season 2, along with seeing the return of Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul) as the mysterious Mr. Edgar. And, I can't wait to see who else adds to the mayhem in the new season.

There's no release date for The Boys Season 2 yet, but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll let you in on more details about the new season as information becomes available. In the meantime, you can check out the entire first season on Amazon and then take a look at our fall TV premiere guide!

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