Parks And Recreation Boss Recalls Andrew Luck's Cameos After Retirement Shocker

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The NFL was hit with some shocking news over the weekend when it was revealed that Indianapolis Colts star quarterback Andrew Luck has retired from football. The announcement was unexpected, as Colts and football fans in general had believed Luck would take the field for the start of the team's season just two weeks from his announcement. Needless to say, the shock and timing of the decision has generated some negative reactions.

For all the negativity, however, there's also those on the web making a point to support Andrew Luck in what may be one of the biggest decisions of his life. Among those supporters are Parks and Recreation creator and showrunner Mike Schur, who took some time to share a personal story about Luck and the time he helped film a segment for the NBC comedy.

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Schur followed up on his initial social media with another tweet saying he loved the courage and integrity Andrew Luck showed in making his decision and wished him the best for whatever the future holds for him. Schur added that Luck was well-liked on the set of Parks and Recreation, and gained "fifty fans" just through his open-ness to play with the cast and hang out.

Andrew Luck made two appearances on Parks and Recreation. The first happened during the Season 5 episode "Two Parties," which featured the guys having the ultimate bachelor party night. Luck's appearance came when Chris Traeger revealed he was friends with Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, and had arranged for the guys to meet Luck and former Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne. It was a great experience for everyone, including Andy who caught a touchdown from Luck.

The Parks and Recreation episode aired during Andrew Luck's second season in the NFL, and Andy Dwyer's reaction speaks to how beloved he's been since the start of his career. Luck re-appeared in the Season 6 episode "Fluoride," during the NFL Play 60 segment:

Mike Schur's defense of Andrew Luck comes amidst a sea of discussion regarding the unexpected circumstances of the star quarterback's retirement. Luck's retiring at 29, and it's safe to say the Colts franchise and fans anticipated more years out of the 7-year veteran.

It's worth noting that Mike Schur isn't just a random television writer who is offering support for a sports star that appeared on his show about Indiana. Schur is a former sports writer himself, and wrote for Fire Joe Morgan and SB Nation under the pen name Ken Tremendous. Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne are just a few of the sports icons Schur has featured or referenced on his shows over the years, which may speak to Schur's interest in the situation and need to share this wholesome story.

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