Who Is Marvel's Moon Knight? Here's What The Comics Tell Us

Moon Knight Marvel Comics

Marvel is set to expand its MCU in a big way, as Marvel Studios announced at D23 Expo that it has even more hero shows on the way than everyone originally thought. Among them is a hero that fans and Marvel execs have been pushing to see in live-action for a while now. After decades of waiting, Moon Knight is getting his own TV series, and it's coming to Disney+.

That news is beyond ultra-exciting to Moon Knight fans, and it should still pretty exciting to fans of superhero shows in general. For those in the latter category that are only vaguely familiar with Moon Knight, here are the major facts and details to know about the anti-hero ahead of his television debut, as well as various comic book elements that may be worked into the upcoming Disney+ series.

Moon Knight Marvel

The Origins Of Moon Knight

Moon Knight was born Marc Spector and had a brief career as a heavyweight boxer before joining the Marines. After leaving the service, Spector took up mercenary work,d where he met his long-time friend Jean-Paul DuChamp ("Frenchie") and worked for his future nemesis Raoul Bushman. The three's lives change drastically when they happened upon an archaeological dig led by Dr. Peter Alraune and his daughter Marlene Alraune.

Bushman was driven by greed and killed Peter with the intention of looting the dig for profit. Spector challenged Bushman in combat, and was ultimately left to die as Bushman escapes. As he laid dying, Spector was carried by Egyptians to a statue of the moon god Khonshu, who appeared and offered Spector a second chance at life, in exchange for the survivor becoming the vengeful god's avatar on Earth. Obviously, Spector took the deal.

After all that Marc Spector returns to the United States and ends up becoming a millionaire due to investments he made with his mercenary money. He then creates a new identity Steven Grant to distance himself from his military past, and also creates an identity for a taxi driver named Jake Lockley. There's other ways his story has changed over the years, but one would imagine these core details will be at the heart of the Disney+ series.

Moon Knight Marvel Comics

Moon Knight's Split Personalities

While it is true that Marc Spector created different identities, it's more accurate to say those identities are a result of Moon Knight's Dissassociative Identity Disorder. Each personality has its own unique thoughts and personalities, and Moon Knight is typicall in contact with all of them in some way. Steven Grant and Jake Lockley are a couple of his rotating identities, for instance, but Moon Knight has occasionally picked up more over the character's history.

Spector is also in contact with the moon god Khonshu, which only makes the chatter in his head even more intense. That intensity often leaves Spector psychologically disturbed, and in constant battle with himself to keep his other personalities balanced and in check while he carries out his heroic duties. Sometimes it works, and other times it falls apart, like when Moon Knight replaced his personalities with other heroes in the Marvel universe and began fighting crime like them.

Sometimes Marc Spector is running the show, but it's also possible for one of the other personalities to dominate the hero and Spector to disappear for some time. Expect this element of the Marvel character to surface in some way in the Disney+ series, and for even the basest details of Spector's life to be called into question. It's even been speculated that Khonshu is another manifestation by Spector, although one has to ultimately question whether that matters or not, given the superpowers he'd gained regardless.

Moon Knight Marvel

Moon Knight's Super Powers

Marc Spector was a professional boxer, marine, and mercenary for hire before he ever became a superhero, so he was a certified ass-kicker going into the gig. He's proficient in multiple fighting styles, he's capable handy with several gadgets and kung fu weapons, and is an expert with most vehicles. Basically, he's a bad ass at most forms of combat, which is a plus for most crime fighters.

In the past, Spector's abilities have been influenced by the phase of the moon. During a new moon, for instance, Moon Knight could lift several hundred pounds, and his powers only increases as the moon got fuller. That being said, Spector actually lost these abilities at some point in the comics' run as part of a punishment from Khonshu, so these superoowers are by no means permanent and have not been seen in recent incarnations of the character.

While Moon Knight does suffer from his split mind, it is worth noting that it does give him an advantage over most telepaths. Reading his mind is impossible, as is controlling him, and can even cause immense stress to those who try. Beyond that, he's also incredibly tolerant of pain, and can withstand great amounts without showing that he is hurting. He's like a super-powered John Wick, which may be why so many people dig the idea of Keanu Reeves playing the Marvel hero.

Moon Knight Marvel Comics

Is Moon Knight Marvel's Batman?

If there's anything that the more casual crowd knows about Moon Knight, it's that other comic book fans have consistently compared him to Batman. After reading some of the things above about the character, it may not be hard to see the similarities. A rich martial artist with a ton of gadgets, vehicles, and emotional trauma? The two do have a good deal in common.

Where the two differ is their motive for fighting crime. Batman is driven by the murder of his parents, while Moon Knight's whole shtick is that he's driven as an avatar of the moon god, although there is some discrepancy on whether or not that relationship actually exists.

Marc Spector's multiple personalities further separate him from Batman, and obviously make the day-to-day affairs of the two men much different. Spector juggles multiple personalities with their different motives and desires, while Batman maintains a single billionaire playboy alter ego beyond his Batman persona. Sure it's exhausting in and of itself, but it's also one that Batman can drop when the going gets tough. Moon Knight carries his identities with him all the time, and must maintain peace between all or risk losing control.

Ultimately, all these elements should convince any reader that there's reason to be excited for Marvel's Moon Knight series on Disney+. Expect something new different from any MCU heroes we've seen to date. Also, don't be surprised if things get quite dark, despite the notion that Disney+ is to be a family friendly service. Is Moon Knight evidence that won't always be the case?

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We'll find out whenever Marvel announces the release date for Moon Knight, which is headed to Disney+ sometime in the future. In the meantime, continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on what's happening in the world of movies and television.

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