Vincent D'Onofrio Isn't Giving Up On Bringing Daredevil Back Somehow

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Vincent D’Onofrio is not giving up on bringing Daredevil back to its loyal fanbase in some way. As fans are painfully aware, Netflix cancelled the series last November, weeks after the news that the streaming giant had already cancelled Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Afterward, Netflix finished off the rest of its Marvel slate, cancelling The Punisher and Jessica Jones after the new year.

Just because it looks like Daredevil may be over in one form, however, that does not mean it necessarily IS over for good. A hopeful Vincent D’Onofrio took to Twitter to reflect on Daredevil’s future and its current chances at coming back. He is still pretty enthusiastic about the series somehow returning. Check out his message below:

Vincent D’Onofrio's optimistic openness about Daredevil returning seems to be based heavily on his opinion of Marvel’s track record in Hollywood. Remember, a Daredevil producer said that even Marvel TV executives were stunned by Netflix’s decision to cancel the show, so it's clear that the studio was ready to keep things going. A lot of speculation in recent months has put a potential reboot/revival of Daredevil happening with the upcoming streaming platform Disney+, where several Marvel shows are already in development.

Could Daredevil eventually come back? Yes, technically, though probably not in the very-near future. None of the Marvel characters from the Netflix shows are reportedly able to appear in any new series for two years after their respective cancellations. Kevin Feige has commented on the Netflix superheroes potentially appearing in the MCU movies, and his words seemed to support the notion that the Defenders heroes are currently off limits.

Based on that, it will probably be a while before Marvel can even try to make good on Vincent D’Onofrio’s good faith. The exciting news is that D’Onofrio is still interested in the original cast returning. Hopefully, he includes himself in that number, since Wilson Fisk was one of the highlights of the Marvel and Netflix series.

There is no reason to think he wouldn't return, either, considering how things wrapped up. Vincent D’Onofrio played Wilson Fisk/Kingpin full-time in Daredevil Season 1 and Season 3. Earlier this year, he was tapped to star in a true crime drama, but it's likely he would find a way to make time to play Fisk again if the opportunity arose.

Vincent D’Onofrio has remained busy this year, but all throughout, he has been a hardcore supporter of Daredevil getting revived. After the show got cancelled, he invited fans to join the online campaign to save it, and that petition ended up getting a lot of attention, with over 341,000 signatures at this time. Sadly, Daredevil currently remains cancelled.

Not too long ago, Vincent D’Onofrio’s co-star Deborah Ann Woll shared her own feelings about the show’s cancellation. At the time, the actress (who played Karen Page) revealed that she had heard nothing about Daredevil getting resurrected in any capacity. Woll added that she thought the chances of it happening were “pretty slim.”

Vincent D’Onofrio and millions of fans out there are still remaining hopeful, though, and they certainly have a good reason to continue being so. Daredevil is one of Netflix users’ favorite shows, and when it was cancelled, it was reportedly one of Netflix’s top five series. A lot of fans still want it back, but for now, they and D’Onofrio will have to wait to see how things work out.

The first three seasons of Daredevil are currently streaming on Netflix, alongside new content. As you wait for more news on Daredevil’s future, anticipate this fall’s big premieres, both those with and without superheroes.

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