How Deborah Ann Woll Feels About Daredevil Cancellation At Netflix

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Daredevil’s cancellation marked another casualty leading up to the ultimate end for all the Marvel shows' runs on Netflix, and others have since followed. The first Marvel series to debut on the streamer, Daredevil unfortunately got its plug pulled last November. Now that several months have passed since the cancellation news, star Deborah Ann Woll has opened up to share her feelings about it all, saying:

I was sad when it happened, more because I just didn't know. Normally, you'd say goodbye and get people's email addresses and you'd maybe steal something from the set, but because we had a really strong final season, we were all pretty sure we were coming back. But then when we saw Luke Cage and Iron Fist go, we started to think maybe it was 50/50 and then when they let us go, I thought, 'Oh, they're going in another direction.' They're going to put their energy into something else and I'm going to start focusing on doing that as well. I've heard absolutely nothing about resurrecting it in any way and I think the chances of that are pretty slim.

Yep, Deborah Ann Woll also shared a very pivotal piece of information alongside her feelings about Daredevil’s cancellation. Speaking with Comic Book Movie, she said she has heard no updates about the show getting revived by any other networks or studios. Adding to the prognosis, she says that she believes the chances of it happening are “pretty slim,” which many fans had already resigned to.

Her answer doesn't throw any hopeful fuel on the chances of a revival happening at Disney+ in the future. Or at least, not the Daredevil that Woll co-starred in opposite Charlie Cox. There could very well be a reboot of some kind, which typically involves recasting roles.

Even if a reboot happened, Disney+ or whatever other platform would have to wait a while. According to an earlier report, the characters in the Marvel/Netflix series cannot appear elsewhere for two years following their cancellation, per contractual stipulations. That delay would put reboot plans on ice until late 2020 at the earliest.

Thanks to the critical praise for what turned out to be Daredevil’s final season, Deborah Ann Woll has found a silver lining on the creative side of things. The high quality of Season 3 may have made many all the more shocked to see the show go, but Woll offered a bright-side look.

I'll say this though, usually you get canceled because you suck and in a way, it's a really nice thing to get cancelled at the height of our powers, to really go out and say that was strong rather than do three more seasons that people are like ‘Eh, I wish it were more like Season 3,’ so maybe there's a silver lining to it all.

Is it better to have fans imagine what could have been? Maybe. Daredevil did go out on a tremendous high quality-wise, in my opinion. However, not knowing what would have become of Karen Page and Frank Castle’s enduring spark remains one of the bitter mysteries for The Punisher's cancellation that I hope will heal in time! As such, not knowing things is kind of a bummer.

Deborah Ann Woll also said she does not know the specifics of what was being planned for Season 4. Daredevil’s showrunner had pitched the fourth season before Netflix dropped the cancellation bomb, and Marvel execs were reportedly pleased with it. At this point, it seems unlikely that fans will ever get to see it brought to life.

Despite the Iron Fist and Luke Cage announcements that came before, Daredevil getting cancelled by Netflix still came as a shock to the series’ writers. It was the first Marvel series on the streaming giant and was seemingly a popular one. To that end, cast members Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox both invited fans to sign a petition to save Daredevil, which got a surprising amount of attention. The volume of signatures did not reverse the decision, unfortunately.

Since the cancellation, actor Charlie Cox, who played the titular hero has said he wanted to keep playing the superhero. He also revealed what he wanted to have seen in Season 4, but sadly, his wishes are in the same situation that ours are in.

The cast is moving on to new projects. So, while Daredevil may be over, their careers are continuing to flourish. Want to relive the magic? You still can. Daredevil and many more shows are currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix.

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