Lucifer’s Final Season Premiere On Netflix Will Be ‘Really Sad’

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The end is nigh for Lucifer on Netflix, although fans can at least count on a super-sized episode count for the fifth and final season. While the streaming giant has not revealed a date for Lucifer's return just yet, the Lucifer writers shared a look at the Season 5 premiere that promises something "really sad." Of course, this being Lucifer, we probably shouldn't take the "really sad" to mean that it will be an hour of hopeless moping.

Take a look at the full title of Lucifer's final season premiere:

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Yes, the title of the final season premiere is "Really Sad Devil Guy." Since the titles of Lucifer episodes are pieces of dialogue out of context, we can probably safely assume that somebody is saying this about Lucifer himself. While it's hardly the most dramatic way to describe the Devil, it's no surprise that somebody would describe him as "really sad" considering how Season 4 ended.

Just when things were looking up for Lucifer in the Season 4 finale and he shared a kiss with Chloe, he dropped the bombshell that he was needed back in Hell or else demons would continue to infiltrate Earth and spread evil. They caused a lot of harm in Season 4 before they could be stopped, even kidnapping Amenadiel and Linda's newborn son to try and raise him as their easy-to-manipulate half-angel ruler of Hell.

So, Lucifer decided that he would return to his job as King of Hell. He wasn't thrilled, and Chloe was devastated, but it was the only choice he could make and remain a good guy at that point. Frankly, after Lucifer went off the rails and resumed killing with Eve at his side for part of Season 4, he needed some points in his favor in my book. He was pretty scary there for a while!

So, as much as the self-exile to Hell could definitely make him "really sad," there's the question of who is dropping the line. I would argue that it sounds like something Ella would say, but she's not in on all of Lucifer's big secrets. I could see Lucifer saying it about himself if he wasn't in King of Hell mode, which may require more authority and less self-pity. Maybe he found a friend down there to vent to?

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Chloe could say it, assuming that he's miserable down there, only for him to return looking just fine, having reacclimated to King of Hell without any problem. Lucifer does tend to backslide if he's surrounded by bad influences, and co-showrunner Joe Henderson compared sending Lucifer back to Hell to sending "an alcoholic to a liquor store and tell them to run it for 20 years." At least we know Lucifer will still be in good shape!

The Devil may be sad when Lucifer picks back up, but hopefully fans can see the sunny side of the situation. We'll have had time to get used to the idea of Lucifer ending, and at least the show got a big episode order for its final season! TVLine reports that production on Season 5 kicks off on Friday, September 6, so it'll probably be a while before we get any footage.

You can always rewatch the first four seasons -- including the three that aired on Fox before Fox cancelled the series -- streaming on Netflix to pass the time, among the many other options on the streaming giant now and in the not-too-distant future.

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