Lucifer's Final Season Just Got A Lot Bigger At Netflix

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Netflix just gave Lucifer’s final season a huge boost! Last month, the series’ showrunner, Ildy Modrovich, confirmed Season 5’s episode count. At the time, Modrovich said it would be comprised of ten episodes, a number that put it on par with its previous Netflix order. Not anymore! There will be more episodes!

In a tweet destined to thrill fans of the series, Netflix has announced there will be a lot more Lucifer left to enjoy. The show’s star, Tom Ellis, helped share the exciting news. Check out his tweet with the new episode count below:

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That’s right! Lucifer is going for sweet sixteen! The series will wrap up its final season with sixteen episodes, instead of the previously planned ten. That number puts it three ahead of its Season 1 run and just shy of its Season 2 order, meaning that Lucifer’s freshman installment ran for thirteen episodes, while its second ran for eighteen.

All told, this means that Lucifer and company will have six more episodes to weave the final chapter of its story. They have a Hell of a cliffhanger to come back from, so extra installments should help it not feel rushed. Telling a final season arc in ten episodes would have been an ambitious undertaking.

For Lucifer fans filled with bittersweet anticipation of the fifth and final season of the series, it is a break in the storm. Last month, Netflix announced that it had renewed the fan-favorite for a last-run, even though the series reportedly had a crushing binge view performance.

In light of the series-ending news, some fans started a petition to get the show a sixth season. Lucifer’s showrunner subsequently reacted to it, later explaining why fans should not push Netflix for Season 6. For those who signed, an expanded final season may be a silver lining that could take the sting out of Lucifer ending.

Safely landing in the top ten of Netflix users’ favorite shows, Lucifer has a passionate fan base. They are clearly in no hurry to say goodbye to the supernatural drama. Getting six more hours should go a long way creatively and in terms of closure. It is also a possible testament to Lucifer’s fans.

It is not every day that Netflix adds a little over half a season to its original season order. I have to think that Lucifer’s popularity played a role in that. Does doing six more episodes mean that Tom Ellis will have to train even longer? Hopefully, he finds time to keep watching the Netflix show he loves.

Lucifer Seasons 1 through 4 are currently streaming on Netflix, along with many premieres. A premiere date for Lucifer’s newly-expanded final season has not been announced yet. While waiting for news, this summer’s television options should help keep you satiated.

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