Lucifer's Tom Ellis Has A Devil Of A Time Training For Season 5 On Netflix

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Lucifer’s Tom Ellis is getting ready for Season 5! The actor posted a video of him at the gym prepping for the upcoming installment, and he was training in a way that movies or television rarely show a proper workout getting done. Nice and slow! Check out this video of Ellis training his back:

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This workout was intense! I’m exhausted, and I have done absolutely nothing, except watch Tom Ellis get ripped. Ellis is clearly taking his Lucifer body seriously. For a series that has gone off to a nudist colony before, showing off one’s physique comes with the territory. Even though the show resisted getting too risqué.

In June, Tom Ellis celebrated a social media milestone. Now he is working full-force on his workout routine and sharing his progress with fans. May I just say that the music choice for this video (AC/DC’s “Back in Black”) is totally spot-on? It brings a lot of exciting vibes to it.

Maybe after Lucifer finishes its run, the actor can make some workout videos. I think a lot of the show’s fans would be interested in seeing his process, as well as a behind-the-scenes take on all of the effort that goes into getting one’s body in shape.

Earlier this year, the fan-favorite series got renewed by Netflix for Season 5. Along with that good news came the bittersweet development that the fifth season would be Lucifer’s last. Tom Ellis made the announcement in a video where he vowed to see fans “in hell.” Ellis’ castmates subsequently reacted to the news.

For fans, the decision was a blow. Lucifer had reportedly been doing really well in binge views on Netflix. Plus, after enjoying the season they fought so hard to get, they only have one new season left to go. Taking action is Lucifer fans’ specialty, and some sprang into action to save the show.

Lucifer’s showrunner weighed in with how they felt about fans’ efforts to get the show a sixth season. Since then, Ildy Modrovich has explained why fans should not push Netflix for another installment. In other updates, another Lucifer star shared the villain he would like to have come back for Season 5. Will they get their wish?

Tune in and find out. The show that decided not to incorporate F-bombs for its Netflix season will be back. If you are wondering for how many episodes, the answer has already been revealed. It should be an intense sendoff, and Tom Ellis is getting ready for it!

The first four seasons of Lucifer are currently available to stream on Netflix, along with loads of premieres. A precise premiere date for Season 5 has not been announced yet. In the meantime, this summer’s television options will be filled with new and returning shows.

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