Why I Want Yellowstone Season 3 To Have More Monica And Beth Scenes

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Why do I want Monica and Beth to have more scenes in Yellowstone Season 3? If there is anything that the fantastic Western showed viewers in its sophomore outing, it is that it needs more of them interacting. It was one of my hopes heading into the recent season that there would be more between them in it.

What Yellowstone gave viewers in the second season proved to be worth the wait. It was such a pleasant surprise when Monica and Beth shared several strong scenes in Yellowstone’s latest season. Their interactions in it opened the door to hope that there will be more in store between the sisters-in-law in Season 3.

To have two such strong characters find a connection was one of the high points for the series. Not to mention giving Kelsey Asbille (Monica) and Kelly Reilly (Beth), a chance to show off their incredible talents together. Their characters, Monica and Beth, are the ones who really need each other in the world they live in.

I would like to see Yellowstone continue to develop their friendship and sisterhood in Season 3. The Beck brothers are behind the Duttons. However, the teaser for the next season hinted that new intrigues are headed their way. There is no one better for Beth and Monica to lean on in the time ahead than each other.

It is a tremendous personal hope that Beth will stop trying to convince Monica and Kayce to leave the ranch in Yellowstone Season 3. As a couple, they have what it takes to turn things around.

There are signs that their influence will be felt. Kayce indicated to Walker earlier in the season that he was eventually planning to make changes. If Beth can make peace with the ranch continuing, she needs to embrace Monica and Kayce staying there.

Yellowstone signaled the deepening bond between Monica and Beth in the finale. Beth remained supportive of her sister-in-law in the aftermath of Tate being kidnapped. It was a compassionate turn for the usually reserved Beth, as she comforted Monica in a way Yellowstone has rarely shown. Monica is a great person and Beth clearly knows it.

In the Season 2 finale of Yellowstone, when John came in to bring the wonderful news that Tate had been rescued, Monica was resting her head on Beth’s lap. So sweet! Between Monica relying on Beth and hugging John, Yellowstone is giving hints Monica might be starting to embrace her in-laws a bit.

For Monica and Beth, the chance to have a sisterhood with one another would be huge. Yellowstone will hopefully seize upon the refreshing dynamic between the pair. Monica is the wife of the only living brother that Beth does not hate. There is room for them to get even closer.

Will Monica be the one to learn the truth behind Beth and Jamie’s mysterious past? Yellowstone will be exploring the issue further in Season 3. Will Beth confide whatever her problem is with Jamie to Monica? Maybe. Will Monica feel free to share more about her life with Beth? I hope so.

Based on what Yellowstone has revealed, it seems that Monica’s only sibling was her brother. Similarly, Beth only had brothers and no sisters. They could be the family members they never had in that regard. Hopefully, Yellowstone gave a window into what it has planned for the duo in Season 3.

Yellowstone will return for its third season on Paramount Network, and I can hardly wait. While waiting to see if Monica and Beth have more scenes, we will all have to survive on this fall’s premieres.

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