How Long Yellowstone Will Probably Last On Paramount Network

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How long will Yellowstone last on Paramount Network? There is a general idea for how long the show will go on. For fans in no hurry to say goodbye, this is a bit of bittersweet news, as Yellowstone’s life-span is not exactly open-ended. Just like other dramas have recently shared, Yellowstone is also already charting its course toward the end.

Keith Cox, Paramount Network and TV Land’s President of Development and Production, offered insight into Yellowstone’s life-span. Cox told Deadline that he and Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan envision the show lasting for at least six to seven seasons. He noted that he and Sheridan are already discussing how Season 4 would end. Season 4! Cox said:

There is a life span; Taylor [Sheridan] has an ending, he knows how he wants to wrap the series with a satisfying ending for the family over many seasons,

The good news is that Yellowstone’s current life expectancy puts it ending quite a bit down the road. Even at the latest potential endpoint of Season 6, Yellowstone would not stop until four seasons from now. This is an endpoint that leaves the door open for a lot of drama in the, seemingly expanding, Dutton family to unfold in the meantime.

Yellowstone Season 3 is currently coming together. Paramount Network has already given fans a first look at what to anticipate. From two characters sharing a considerable kiss to new ones joining the ensemble, there is a lot to look forward too. Hopefully, more scenes between Monica and Beth will be part of the equation.

Speaking of Season 3, Keith Cox went ahead and teased Yellowstone’s upcoming chapter. Cox said:

It’s going to be great and even bigger than Season 2; I know it, feel it. It will happen.

I can hardly wait! There is one element that fans can be confident will be a part of Season 3. Yellowstone’s co-creator has assured us that Beth and Jamie’s relationship will get explored further next season. This was a point heavily speculated upon after the second season ratcheted up the tension between the warring siblings. Will Season 3 finally reveal the genesis of their issues? Stay tuned.

The Western just finished its second season with an emotional and explosive finale. As a Yellowstone viewer and fan, the thought of the series ending is a bit scary. While it seems like a long time into the future now, end dates can really sneak up on you. Game of Thrones, anyone?

At the same time, it is helpful to hear there is a firm direction for the show. Yellowstone is a top-tier drama and the grip it has on its narrative shows. I could see it lasting for an indeterminate amount of time, because its world could generate stories for countless years.

The Kevin Costner-led drama has been a massive hit in the ratings. Season 2 crushed it on such a scale that Yellowstone surpassed its previous season’s performance. Audiences are clearly in no hurry to see the Western end. All good things must eventually come to one, though. Even incredible dramas are not immune to that.

Yellowstone will be back for Season 3 on Paramount Network. A premiere date has not been set yet. While anxiously anticipating its grand return, we will all have to survive on this fall’s premieres.

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