Could Yellowstone's John Dutton Sell Off Part Of His Ranch In Season 3?

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Could Yellowstone’s John Dutton sell off part of his ranch in Season 3? John has done everything in his power to maintain every inch of his family’s estate. Will he eventually have to sacrifice some of it to keep most of it? New casting for Season 3 teases that he might.

This season, Yellowstone revealed the ranch is in the red. Jamie told Beth that it had not turned a profit in years, making her acquisition of land potentially hazardous. Was it compromising enough to lead John to have to sell off part of the ranch? Season 3 has cast actress Karen Pittman in a recurring role that hints at the twist.

Karen Pittman has signed on to star in a major arc as Willa Hays, the CEO of Metro Capital. She is a savvy businesswoman who always seems to get what she wants. Accordingly, in Season 3, Willa heads to the ranch with an offer for John Dutton, per Deadline. What does that offer entail?

That is not explained. However, there is a tantalizing clue regarding the nature of it. Willa will reportedly make John an offer that he cannot refuse. Knowing Yellowstone’s John Dutton, that may not stop him from doing so anyway. Is it a deal he cannot refuse because of his financial issues? Or is it too good of a deal to pass up?

Willa is described as “very smart, confident,” and “intimidating” with the “posture of a field general.” Fans of The Blacklist will recall Karen Pittman from her role in Season 6. Pittman played the determined U.S. Attorney General Susan Holt.

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John Dutton may not be so resistant to what Karen Pittman’s Willa suggests and agree. It does not say what exactly she is offering. Willa may not be making him an offer to sell off part of the ranch. Whatever the deal is, there is a reason to believe that John could end up taking it in Yellowstone Season 3.

As mentioned above, John is in a tighter financial spot than even Beth realized. Jamie does. Hence, his anger at Beth earlier this season for her bold strategy to protect the ranch. John having to part with any of the Yellowstone ranch would be a massive blow for him. It is tough to see it not happening, considering John’s financial circumstances, though.

A clip from tonight’s installment (Season 2, Episode 9) of Yellowstone confirms the fiscal situation that the Duttons are in. In it, Dan Jenkins attempts to get John to buy him out of his property. The Dutton patriarch’s answer is quite foreshadowing. Check it out below:

Key words from John Dutton: “I'm not a rich man, Dan, contrary to popular belief.” Will John’s economic situation cause him to agree to Willa’s deal in Season 3? Yellowstone viewers will have to tune in to know for sure. The above clip hints that he may not have much choice.

Yellowstone fans are awaiting the final two episodes of Season 2. As it stands, they already have quite a bit of info to take with them heading into them. There was news of a Lost favorite being cast, a current star getting promoted to series regular, and the confirmation of a pivotal character who is going to survive the war with the Becks.

Tune in to see how Yellowstone sets up the ranch’s future when new episodes of Yellowstone air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. As you wait for Season 3, there will be many fall premieres to help fill the void.

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