Netflix Doesn't Want People Thinking It's Changing Its Binge-Watching Release Schedule

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Netflix does not want people to think it is changing its binge-watching release schedule. The streaming giant is always willing to experiment with new things. Netflix’s trademark has always been its one-stop supply of new content, with an entire new season being available in a single second. That is not changing.

In response to industry reports that Netflix would be shifting its release strategy, the streaming giant had this to tweet:

There you go. Netflix is making it clear that it is only employing this release schedule for competition series. A move the streaming giant hopes will keep the winner of Rhythm + Flow, a surprise to subscribers.

Following reports of Netflix supposedly taking a non-binge approach to the release of new content, some subscribers got nervous. One user took to Twitter to express their concerns commenting, “Say it ain’t so!” Netflix had this to tweet in response:

Someone undoubtedly feels some relief following Netflix’s clarification of its plans. She's not alone, either. Netflix without the ability to binge-watch new content, would be the streaming equivalent of frosting without sprinkles. It is simply not the same. As industry watchers look towards Netflix in the shifting times ahead, there is ongoing speculation about its future.

I think everyone is expecting some significant move to change things up, but, amid so much competition, why mess with success? Binge-watching is a large part of Netflix's hook and it will remain one. On a content level, though, Netflix will be undergoing some changes soon.

It will be losing some subscriber favorites. Long-running sitcom Friends and fellow pop culture staple, The Office, are both leaving. In the face of that seeming adversity, Netflix has remained steadfast. And, the streaming giant even pointed out the upside to those losses.

Netflix is getting ready to welcome some new competitors in Disney+ and AppleTV+, which has one of the most expensive dramas ever! Disney is bringing…well…Disney to the battle, as well as its own reported strategy to releasing content. This is something that could have fueled the belief that Netflix would follow suit.

Disney+ is reportedly planning to release new episodes of its series every week. Netflix will not be changing course, which makes sense. Binge-watching new content is one of the things that gave the streaming giant the keys to the kingdom. Why give them up?

Netflix knows that it is facing increasing pressure as the competition between streaming services intensifies. Its most prolific edge has come from its strategy of doing away with weekly releases. It would not make any sense to tinker with the success of this model on a large scale, and Netflix is planning to continue making sense.

So far, Disney+ has announced plans to be restrictive on password sharing while also potentially settling for a weekly release schedule. Subscribers will have to decide what is best for them. Netflix seems confident subscribers will just make room for more services without cancelling theirs.

There are a ton of new releases premiering on Netflix for you to binge-watch until your heart is content. If it still craves more, though, there are this fall’s premieres to look forward to.

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