Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Just Announced A Huge Play, But Is Cliff Game?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Read at your own risk!

Throughout a majority of Big Brother 21, Nicole Anthony has been playing on the sidelines. She's kept up a relatively good social game, and has ensured her survival thus far by aligning with the right people and almost never doing something that's going to make waves. Now, the recent HoH and veto comp winner is feeling like now may be the time to snap, and she announced a big move that could shake things up tremendously.

Provided she can get buddy Cliff Hogg III in on the plan, anyway. Nicole has taken Cliff down from the block and replaced him with Holly Allen, and while it seemed like mere insurance she didn't lose a key ally in case Jackson Michie and Holly wanted to break their Final 4 alliance and align with Tommy Bracco, it's looking like she has a different play in mind.

Whoa, talk about an unexpected turn of events. Nicole had only just told her alliance members not to expect any weirdness the night before, but apparently something has changed in the hours that passed. After months of going with the grain, she's looking to finally make a big play and be the person who orchestrates the split of the power showmance once and for all. It's a great plan, but will Cliff go along with it?

Cliff has been a man of integrity in Big Brother to this point, and he did make an agreement with Jackson and Holly to uphold the final 4. With that said, he's always respectful of Nicole's wishes and supportive, and if ever there were a chance to break that alliance this is it. If Holly is voted out then Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff will all compete for an HoH in which Jackson is ineligible to play.

This means that Jackson would have to win the veto to avoid elimination, or make a helluva deal in order to ensure his survival. The prior seems more likely than the latter, and if Tommy's still in the competition, he'd be the biggest competitor to Jackson in any physical challenge. Cliff's a rational guy, and surely has to see how much he and Nicole's chances of winning will rise if Holly is sent to the Jury House.

Especially when this move can be made with little to no blood on his hands. He and Nicole are partners in crime, but if she's taking the shot, chances are Jackson will be the one out for revenge on her if he does somehow survive elimination yet again. Cliff has no reason to say no besides the final 4 agreement, but if Nicole reminds him that Holly and Jackson were playing the field on that agreement when Christie was still around, he should hop on board the plan.

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