Big Brother Spoilers: Is Tommy Dead In The Water After Big Double Eviction?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Read at your own risk!

It was a whirlwind night on Big Brother as the hour came and went with not one but two HouseGuests getting evicted. Jessica Milagros was the first to go in a somewhat predictable exit, and then Christie Murphy was out the door soon after the house put her and Tommy Bracco on the block. It was a great night for the true Final 4 alliance, but does that mean Tommy is dead in the water?

Admittedly, things are not looking great for Tommy heading into the new week. Winning the Head of Household this week would be ideal for him, but at the very least he needs to capture the veto. Depending on which one he nabs, things could get very interesting ahead of the next elimination.

If Tommy secures the HoH, you can bet Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are gonna break that Final 4 alliance. Jackson has already talked to Tommy quite a bit this past week, and has made it clear the two of them are good. Obviously Jackson won't want Holly up on the block, which means he'd encourage Tommy to put Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony up on the block.

It's not a bad play at this point, especially considering those two have a Final 2 agreement that goes back all the way to week 1. With that said, Tommy has to know his best move would be to put up Jackson and Holly, and worst case scenario Jackson would request whoever wins veto to take Holly off the block. If Jackson and Holly are on the block, there's almost a 100% shot of Jackson going home which would change the game for everyone in a huge way.

Of course, this is if Tommy wins the HoH against Jackson, Holly, and Cliff. It's probably the worst combination of people for Tommy to take on for the spot. His other option is to get the Power of Veto, which again, would be a huge saving grace. The Final 4 will have to put up a pawn against Tommy, and if Tommy takes himself off the block, they'll have no choice but to evict one of their own.

Can Tommy do it? He's won an HoH in Big Brother, and the power of Veto a couple of times. He's got a real shot at saving himself this coming week in one of those competitions, and could really flip things in the game yet again. If not, it looks like the Final 4 bet paid off for the showmance, Cliff, and Nicole.

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