Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The BB Comics Veto And Will It Be Used?

Big Brother 21 Nicole won BB Comics Veto comp

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Who won the iconic BB Comics comp in Big Brother 21 and will the Veto be used during Monday's Veto Ceremony? Well, if Tommy Bracco revealed his big secret about Christie Murphy to Jackson Michie and Holly Allen right before Veto to save himself ... it probably didn't work. I say probably because he did not win, and Jackson and Holly did not win either. But Nicole Anthony did win, and she just said she would take Cliff Hogg III off the block! That would force the eviction to be Tommy vs. Holly.

Is a Holly blindside ahead? Did Christie manifest this from jury? Well, maybe! But also maybe not. There's a new update as of Sunday that's different from Nicole's thoughts below, which are from Saturday night, fresh off the Veto win. What will Nicole be thinking by Thursday? That's the big question. She and Cliff may both change their minds a dozen times before the live eviction. They both need to be on the same page for something to happen. Should be a fun week!

Nicole went over the scenarios in her head on Saturday and told Cliff she still wanted to stick with Jackson and Holly. She just wanted to save Cliff because he's her #1, so Holly just had to sit on the block for the first time all season. Tommy is a threat to win, but I really want to split up Jackson and Holly. Making a move is risky, but not making a move could bite Nicole and Cliff in the butt even more. Or they could just keep winning their way to Final 2. They are on a comp roll now. We'll see.

This was a big Veto, arguably the second biggest Veto of Big Brother 21, apart from the one at Final 4 next week. This Week 11 Veto was special, though, because it was BB Comics. I can't wait to see all of the comics for each houseguest! The Veto competition took place on Saturday afternoon, as usual, and we'll have to wait until Wednesday's episode to watch it. (The comics themselves are usually posted online before that, though.)

As you know by now, Jackson is the Head of Household for a third time this season, and he nominated Tommy and Cliff for eviction. Everyone in the house not named Tommy wanted to evict Tommy to stick with the final four of Jackson, Cliff, Holly, and Nicole. However, this is the perfect storm scenario I was hoping for -- the chance to split up Jackson and Holly by taking out Holly on Jackson's own HOH.

Here are the Veto results:

Who Played In The BB Comics Veto? Everyone! For only the second time this season, after the double eviction, everyone got to play in the Veto. So that's the final five of Jackson, Holly, Cliff, Nicole, and underdog Tommy.Who Won The BB Comics Veto? Nicole! She won the double eviction HOH as her first comp, and this BB Comics Veto as her second comp. Amazing. And apparently she won by a lot, too. Impressive.Will Nicole Use The Veto? I wrote "probably not" here at first but right after I typed that, Nicole said on the live feeds on Saturday night that she WOULD take Cliff off the block! Yes! Jackson would have to put Holly up. It would be Holly's first time on the block all season. Cliff and Nicole could break up Jackson and Holly, if they chose to. The Nomination Ceremony should be held on Monday early afternoon, West Coast time, per usual, unless there's a change of schedule now that we're down to only five houseguests. UPDATE: Here are the Veto Ceremony results.Who Will Be Evicted? If it's Holly vs. Tommy, they should take the shot against Holly to break up the biggest power couple in the game. It would be a huge move to impress the jury. Tommy will surely campaign for himself all week. If not, then Holly would just be on the block to be on the block for the first time? A waste. Tommy is a great player and a threat to win, but I still like Cliff and Nicole's F2 odds better with Tommy on their side rather than battling both Jackson and Holly. I could be wrong, though. Maybe Nicole and Cliff will be the ones to streamroll to the end.

Nicole saved both herself and Cliff. She is a true hero. And my longshot hope of Nicole winning Veto and taking Cliff off the block, forcing Jackson to put up Holly, is really happening. If Holly does stay this week, I hope that she is the one to go final three with Cliff and Nicole. If they can get out Jackson next week, when he can't win HOH, that would be golden. Then Nicole and Cliff still have a shot at going F2 together.

Holly and Jackson are now shaking. They know this could go very wrong for them. As of Saturday night, Jackson said he didn't think it would happen but on a game level he thought it was the smartest move for Cliff and Nicole to split up Jackson and Holly. (I agree, man.) He gets it. He and Holly would be PISSED, but they get it on a game level. They didn't think about this scenario before the Veto comp, but after the comp they were obsessed with the idea. Lucky for them, Cliff and Nicole might be loyal (to a fault).

Big Brother HoH Jackson in bed with Holly wearing glasses CBS

The choice keeps coming down to Nicole as a swing vote each week. If she sticks with Jackson and Holly, she has to just cross her fingers that she or Cliff win the next HOH and Veto to take out Jackson or Holly.

Cliff and Nicole were basically in agreement on Saturday night that they should stay loyal to Jackson and Holly and take out Tommy. Here's their conversation with Jackson and Holly:

That could change by Thursday. We'll see. Nicole and Cliff have loyal players up to this point, and not big risk takers. Besides, Nicole now has the resume moves she was looking for. There's a lot of time to think it over, though. Monday is the Nomination Ceremony, with Holly gearing up to sit on the block next to Tommy. What do you WANT to happen? What would you do if you were Nicole and Cliff?

Don't forget that Big Brother has already been renewed for Season 22 in summer 2020. We don't know what the theme will be yet after the Summer Camp nonsense this year, with twists that seemed to go nowhere, but at least one fan had a (bad) idea for how BB22 could shake up the casting. I have a few other ideas. Stay tuned to see them all ignored next summer.

#ButFirst we have to get through Big Brother 21. Someone will be winning this mofo and the $500,000 prize on September 25, with someone else getting $50K for second place, and someone else getting $25K as America's Favorite Houseguest. Who will it be?

Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS. Keep up with all the action on the live feeds.

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