The Bachelor 2020 Spoilers Reveal Next Bachelor's Predictable Intro Shots

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison arms out on live 2019 show ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020 and also Bachelor in Paradise 2019 finale.

Who is the next Bachelor? The Bachelor 2020 is already off filming intro shots even before the new guy is officially announced. But we all know by now, per spoilers, that it's Peter Weber of Bachelorette Hannah Brown's ill-fated 2019 season. Pilot Pete was not my first choice for The Bachelor Season 24 -- he's not even my first choice of Peters -- but fans seem to like pilot Pete and ABC must've known it would be easy to market him.

Expect a lot of pilot references and windmill jokes.

We already have some shots of Bachelor pilot Pete, thanks to Reality Steve's spoiler shots:

Yes, shots of Peter in uniform as a pilot. Expect more like that. It's Bachelor Jake Pavelka's "On the Wings of Love" Season 14 all over again.

Jake Pavelka On the Wings of Love posters ABC

And yet, we can hope with all our hearts that Bachelor Peter is not like Bachelor Jake in every other way.

I do think the marketing for a Bachelor or Bachelorette has to be one thing ABC and the producers take into consideration. Peter being a pilot and his whole windmill thing -- that makes it easy. It's like Bachelor Colton Underwood last year. The guy isn't exactly a standout personality-wise, but his virginity became a HUGE promotion point before and during the show, long after everyone was tired of that angle. They even got a poster out of it, as a spoof on The 40-Year-Old Virgin:

The Bachelor Colton Underwood 40 Year Old Virgin poster ABC

At least Bachelor Colton got a funny poster. We'll have to see what ABC does for Bachelor Peter. I'm guessing they go heavy on the windmills in the background, since Bachelor Jake already got both "On the Wings of Love" and "Wanted: Co-pilot For Life" as his taglines.

Peter will be announced as The Bachelor 2020 this coming Tuesday, September 17 on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 reunion special. Peter starts his journey that week; according to Steve, The Bachelor Season 24 filming will begin next Friday, September 20. Steve already added some teases on the women cast for Bachelor Peter's Season 24. Apparently many follow a certain type, and Steve already thinks he knows the frontrunner to win.

I'm expecting a lot of Bachelor fans who avoid spoilers to be disappointed when Peter is announced as the next Bachelor. Many were hoping for Mike Johnson or Derek Peth or even still Tyler Cameron if they didn't notice that Tyler C. is dating Gigi Hadid. Not everyone follows that kind of thing. But pilot Pete does have plenty of fans -- including those who don't care about his ex-girlfriend situation. They seemed impressed by his windmill prowess, and love that his parents were down with it too. (That's still weird to me.)

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finally ends on Tuesday, September 17 with a three-hour finale and reunion special on ABC. That's when rosemaster Chris Harrison will bring out Pete as the new 2020 Bachelor, probably making some quip about it being the worst-kept secret in Bachelor Nation, etc.

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