The Bachelorette: Hannah Finally Tells The Truth About Windmill Sex With Peter

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Spoilers ahead for the first half of The Bachelorette's 2019 season finale.

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has been a wild ride, largely thanks to Luke Parker's antics up to and including Hannah giving him the boot. The off-screen reveals about Jed Wyatt didn't exactly give the impression that Hannah would 100% get a happily-ever-after if she chose him. Still, one of the most talked-about moments from the season was buzz-worthy for a fun reason: Hannah had sex with one of her suitors in a windmill... twice, according to Hannah herself. And that suitor was none other than Peter.

Now, the windmill sex reveal was first teased in a trailer, and it basically became Hannah Brown's version of Colton Underwood's fence jump from his season of The Bachelor. It was finally confirmed that Peter Weber was with Hannah in the windmill, and that seemed to be the end of the story... until the live portion of the first half of Hannah's season finale. Peter failed to get a rose in the first elimination of the finale, and they reunited in front of a live studio audience.

While the beginning of their reunion was mostly sad and awkward, with Peter still a little bit in love with Hannah and Hannah clearly not wanting to hurt him but wanting to explain as best she could. Things took a turn for the more entertaining when Hannah revealed that she hadn't been telling the whole truth when she'd loudly declared that she hooked up with Peter in the windmill twice. Here's how she finally told the truth:

I will say, I was a little dishonest about something. I mean, since it’s out there, I did say there was something that Peter and I did twice. It was actually four times! He’s a really sweet guy.

Hannah had a big old grin on her face as soon as she started talking about being "a little dishonest," and Peter started grinning right along with her despite clearly not knowing where she was going with it. But hey, would it really have been right if Peter was remembered as the guy who had sex with Hannah twice when there had actually been four times? Hannah seemed determined to give Peter some credit.

The big reveal came after host Chris Harrison commented that nobody would look at windmills the same after them, and it's a credit to both Hannah and Peter that what followed was fun and funny rather than super awkward and uncomfortable.

It really could have been spectacularly awkward, as Peter's parents were both sitting in the audience and watching quite attentively. And if Peter was surprised by Hannah revealing that the real number was four, his parents were absolutely and kind of hilariously shocked. Just take a look at their immediate reactions:

Both parents burst out laughing, but I can't help but feel like there was more than just amusement. Peter's dad went bright red and did seem genuinely tickled by what Hannah said, if totally shocked. As for Peter's mom, her laughter was more hysterical than actually entertained. Her laughter could literally be heard over everything else in the audio, and it definitely was a bit shrieky.

When Chris Harrison noted that Hannah just shared how many times she'd had sex with Peter in front of Peter's mom, Hannah just said that "he's a great catch." Congrats, Mom?

Chris Harrison had his own reactions to the bombshell reveal, and I really got the sense that he didn't know Hannah was going to say what she said either. He stood up and saluted Peter, then dropped a comment that a whole lot of viewers were probably thinking as well:

Somewhere, Luke P.’s head just exploded.

The initial reveal that Hannah and one of her guys had had sex in a windmill came when Luke Parker kept insisting that he wanted to be with Hannah while also standing by his stance that it wouldn't be right if she had sex with anybody on the show. Finally, to get rid of him, she told him about the windmill sex, and that more or less did the trick.

He did ask to pray over her, and then returned in the next episode, but he is gone. Not without scoring some huge ratings for The Bachelorette, though! At the time of writing, Luke hasn't fired any cyber shots at Hannah to renew their Twitter war, but only time will tell if he wants to share his thoughts. For her part, Hannah did reveal that there was "a silver lining" to their bonkers relationship.

Despite the potential mortification of Hannah revealing how many times they'd had sex in front of his parents, Peter's laughter seemed very genuine, and his reaction was pretty great. After he had a few moments to process that Hannah had really said that on live TV, he said this:

I will say, I will say, I still can confidently say that Jesus still loves both of us.

Peter echoed Hannah's jab at Luke P. when she declared that Jesus still loved her despite hooking up with somebody twice in the windmill, and he got big laughs for it. For her part, Hannah declared "Amen!" in response to his comment. Honestly, Peter and Hannah came across as two people who could actually be good friends despite the breakup, but I'm guessing that won't happen. Then again, maybe he'll end up as the next Bachelor, and that would definitely keep him in the franchise.

Spoilers ahead for the rest of Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, including the second half of the finale. If you don't want to know what's in store, check out now!

It was relatively early in the season when spoilers from a reliable source seemingly revealed who was Hannah's final choice by the end, but the situation got sticky when news broke that Jed had a girlfriend back home right before joining The Bachelorette, and all of his mentions of his music career weren't accidental. Hannah reportedly broke up with Jed, and that breakup may have been filmed for the finale.

Find out when the second half of Hannah's season finale airs Tuesday, July 30 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The episode will hopefully include the reveal of the next leading man of The Bachelorette, and possibly the most dramatic on-screen reality TV breakup since Arie dumped Becca. If Hannah does dump Jed on camera, though, I doubt legions of fans will be putting up billboards supporting him.

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