How New Amsterdam Season 2 Will Reveal Who Died

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How will New Amsterdam reveal who died in Season 2? As fans will recall, the medical drama left off with a massive cliffhanger regarding the fate of three central characters. For the entire summer, New Amsterdam left viewers to contemplate who would not survive the ambulance crash.

It is not a matter of if someone will die, it is when to expect the twist. Sadly, one of the characters involved will definitely not make it. How far into the Season 2 premiere will viewers have to wait to learn who passed away? Well, prepare to wait a bit. New Amsterdam showrunner David Schulner told TVLine:

We’ll slowly reveal who lived, and then you’ll start to definitely see who’s missing from the cast as the [episode] continues.

Hmm. If you watched the first look video for New Amsterdam Season 2, you have a bit of the context for what the showrunner is saying. In it, Ryan Eggold explained that the premiere would pick up a few months after the Season 1 finale. From there, it will weave between the past and present.

The tease of a slowly made reveal is troubling, considering the long wait it has already taken to get to this point. New Amsterdam is such a good show that it is worth having faith in how it will handle things.

The showrunner does assert that you will notice that someone is missing from the cast as it goes on. So, fans will have some sort of potential insight. Prediction: Viewers will not learn who died until the very end of the episode.

If you thought you could tune in to the first few minutes to learn the answer, New Amsterdam is going to make you wait for it. The bittersweet news is that the Season 2 premiere is almost here. Someone has died, so a tragedy is unavoidable. Hence, the bitter. Need a refresher on whose life is hanging in the balance?

Dr. Helen Sharpe, Dr. Lauren Bloom, and Max’s wife Georgia are in jeopardy. All three women were in the ambulance when it crashed. Max walked away with his and Georgia’s newborn daughter, Luna, relatively unscathed. Helen and Lauren were both healthy before the accident. New mom Georgia is another story.

Before Lauren performed an emergency C-section on her, Georgia’s placenta had ruptured. So, she was not in the best shape when the crash happened.

Georgia and Lauren were both shown after the crash. Lauren receiving CPR, Georgia getting looked at by Dr. Kapoor. New Amsterdam did not show Helen. However, she could be seen in the first look video for Season 2. Alive, but in immense pain.

From that, New Amsterdam fans know that all three women initially survive the crash. A complication must present itself in one of their cases. The show casting a new oncologist for Max is worrisome for Helen. However, she could just need time to recuperate following her ordeal.

Find out who died when New Amsterdam returns this fall. Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 24, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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