Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Duane Chapman Hospitalized After Possible Heart Attack

Only months after losing his wife Beth to cancer, Duane "The Dog" Chapman has suffered a possible heart attack. He has been hospitalized due to what happened, but few details are available at the moment regarding the long term. Here is what is known so far.

Duane Chapman reportedly suffered a heart emergency over the weekend, according to TMZ, which also cited sources that Chapman was taken from his home in Colorado to a hospital after he began feeling pain in his chest. It was not known at the time whether he would or would not need surgery, but he apparently may have suffered a heart attack.

The news will undoubtedly shock his fans, who have been watching him (and wife Beth) active during new episodes of the WGN America show, Dog's Most Wanted, which began filming prior to Beth Chapman's death.

Still, a representative of Duane Chapman has made sure to keep fans in the loop, if not exactly spilling all the details of what the TV star and bounty hunter is facing. The rep shared a statement via Chapman's own Twitter account:

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The rep may not have confirmed whether or not Duane Chapman did indeed suffer a heart attack, but "resting comfortably" is good news for fans and certainly his family as well. His son was hospitalized back in July, just weeks after the death of Beth Chapman.

Duane Chapman revealed that he "wasn't able to handle" watching his late wife in Dog's Most Wanted on his own, and planned to surround himself with family and friends for the premiere. He was "completely flabbergasted" by what she was willing to show on the new series, so it's certainly hard to blame him for wanting those close to him on hand for the emotional experience.

Based on an Instagram post by his daughter, Bonnie Chapman, his family is ready to support him now as well:

A photo posted by on

The throwback photo shows a much younger Duane Chapman in the company of his family, with Beth by his side. We can only hope that Bonnie Chapman and the rest of the family as well as Duane himself get the best news possible after his hospitalization.

If you want to see both Duane Chapman and Beth Chapman on the job, you can catch them both in new episodes of Dog's Most Wanted on WGN America. Our thoughts are with the Chapman family in what must be a difficult time.

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