Why Many Netflix Subscribers Just Cancelled Their Accounts This Week

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Many Netflix subscribers are cancelling their accounts this week. Why? Well, it has to do with a particular show that the streaming giant unexpectedly cancelled – The OA. Back in August, Netflix sent shockwaves through the series’ fandom when it announced it had cancelled the drama. Shortly after, fans began organizing efforts to save the show.

Despite a fan theory that The OA’s cancellation may be a fake-out, it appears to still be very real. Series co-creator and star Brit Marling has since addressed fans' protests following the cancellation. Marling posted a moving message to fans of the series on social media. Not too long after, more bad news followed as hope for a Netflix movie to wrap up the show got shut down.

Now fans -- who, like The OA’s Jason Isaacs, have been left heartbroken by the cancellation -- are taking on a new strategy. They are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions in protest. A fan announced the move on behalf of The OA and other series that Netflix has cancelled. Check it out below:

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As you can see from that message, the mind-bending sci-fi drama is not the only Netflix show the call to action mentions. Other cancelled series are also getting a nod. In The OA’s case, its cancellation came after a game-changing twist ended the second season.

Using the hashtag #CancelNetflix, fans began pouring onto social media as they made their stand. One fan echoed the original post’s sentiment with their frustration. Check it out:

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The emotional impact of The OA has reached more than a few fans, with one sharing a personal story along with the hashtag to “cancel Netflix.” Read it below:

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Will fans’ efforts be able to resuscitate The OA? A show about near-death experiences, The OA is experiencing a still active brush with death. There have been series that have overcome a Netflix cancellation in the not too distant past. Look no further than what happened this year.

Fan-favorite comedy One Day at a Time got cancelled by the streamer. Following fan activity, the series eventually found a new home. Could a similar happy ending be in store for The OA? Fans will have to stay tuned, and they undoubtedly will, as efforts to save it continue to get underway.

Fans’ patience has paid off in the past. The second season required a considerable wait on their part. The follow-up arrived two years after the first season premiered in December 2016. Will the movement to cancel Netflix help The OA in the long run? Time will tell the tale.

The first two seasons out of the five originally planned for The OA are currently streaming on Netflix along with a lot of new content. While you wait to see if The OA can make a comeback, check out this fall’s premieres.

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