Anyone Else Feel Weird About The Game Of Thrones Spoilers In The Emmy Montage?

This article contains spoilers. I feel like that's pretty obvious because it's literally about a spoiler, but it also feels weird to accidentally spoil people in an article complaining about a spoiler maybe accidentally spoiling people. So, if you haven't watched Game Of Thrones yet, go ahead and bail. Then watch the entire show, watch the broadcast of the 2019 Emmys and then come back and read this article.

Alright, I need a sanity check here. I’m watching the Emmys, and they just dropped a fun little montage highlighting some of the biggest nominees. Obviously, the montage was heavy on Game Of Thrones. It included a little excerpt from the amazing scene in which Jaime knights Brienne. We obviously got some dragons, but then, out of nowhere, we also got an extended shot of Arya stabbing the Night King right in his cold dead heart. Later, in an additional montage, we also got a shot of Dany's dead body and another one of the Iron Throne burning.

I get it. Those were huge moments that fit perfectly in the montage, and I know it seems like everyone in the world has already watched and voiced their opinions on the final season of Game Of Thrones. But aren’t we at least a little bit squeamish about casually throwing out absolutely massive spoilers without any warning to a casual audience who may or may not have seen the show?

Maybe I’m just overly worried about spoilers. Maybe everyone on Earth really has watched all of Game Of Thrones already. Or maybe anyone who hasn’t yet seen Game Of Thrones will almost immediately forget about what they just saw because they lack the proper context to understand. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Or maybe the montage thoughtlessly spoiled a huge moment for a whole bunch of people who are currently binging the show.

I don’t know. As important life events go, I’m very willing to admit this isn’t that huge of a deal. Life will go on tomorrow, and it’s probably really stupid to be banging out an entire article about the scene some random video editor decided to include in an Emmy montage.

But I need to know whether other people are on the same page as me. I'm not invested since I've seen Game of Thrones, but if they did this at the Oscars and I hadn't seen one of the movies yet, I'd honestly be pretty pissed off. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive though. So, vote in the poll below and let me know how you feel. Or just go straight to the comment section and yell your take at me, preferably using as mean of words as possible. I love that.

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