How Blue Bloods' Season 10 Premiere Will Show Tom Selleck's Frank In A Different Light

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The Season 10 premiere of Blue Bloods will show Tom Selleck’s Frank in a different light! How? Well, it is all thanks to a familiar face – Treat Williams’ Lenny. Yes, Frank’s former partner is one of the guest stars heading to the CBS drama for its 200th episode.

When Blue Bloods kicks off Season 10, it will do so by crossing the milestone marker. So, fans will not have to wait long to see Lenny in action with Frank. For viewers of the long-running hit series, Lenny’s scenes will serve as a massive milestone within themselves.

He will help show the Reagan family a new side of Frank and during a trademark Blue Bloods occasion. Treat Williams told TV Insider:

I was very honored that I was invited to the family dinner. No outsider had ever had dinner with the family. I don't think they're used to somebody being Frank's equal, being comfortable with Frank to call him nicknames and to give him a hug and to kiss him on a cheek. He's this mountain of a powerful guy, and then you have a guy who put his life on the line with this guy for 15 years.

Partners for life! Lenny will be a guest at the Reagan family's traditional Blue Bloods family dinner. Just in time for the Season 10 premiere, a.k.a. the 200th episode! Making the occasion all the more special is that it will welcome an incredibly rare, heretofore unseen, kind of guest. As Treat Williams points out, that will be an outsider will be at Sunday dinner in the form of Lenny.

He is not a complete stranger, of course. Lenny is Frank’s former partner, and they shared some intense experiences together. For fans and Frank’s family, it will be a chance to see Frank from a different perspective, via Lenny. While Frank is an intimidating force to many, Lenny has no problem giving Frank a big hug.

For Treat Williams, the draw to his Blue Bloods character is pretty straightforward. Lenny is the perfect foil to Frank and his day-to-day. Hence, his portrayer is a big fan of the show’s Season 10 premiere. Prepare to get excited, Blue Bloods fans! Williams explained his enthusiasm for the 200th episode and the Lenny/Frank dynamic, saying:

I just love the fact that Lenny always does something to screw up Frank's day [and] make [his] life more difficult because he's a bit of a live wire. I love this first episode of Blue Bloods. It's so fun. There are many, many surprises in the life of Lenny. Frank always does the right thing and gets involved.

I wonder what surprises are in store for Lenny and by extension Frank. You know that one will impact the other and Treat Williams’ tease definitely hints at that occurring in Blue Bloods’ Season 10 premiere. Pictures from the 200th episode indicate that Lenny will need help with his daughter, who gets arrested. Sounds interesting!

The veteran drama is showing no signs of slowing down on the excitement either. One of the stars from the really cancelled ABC series, Whiskey Cavalier, is joining Blue Bloods for Season 10 as the Mayor of New York. Between family dinners and intriguing new characters, there is a lot awaiting viewers in the upcoming season.

Hopefully, the end is nowhere in sight! One of the series’ stars shared they are ready to go for 200 more episodes! With that kind of enthusiasm and Treat Williams’ excitement for the Season 10 premiere, Blue Bloods is ready to roar!

Blue Bloods returns for its Season 10 premiere and 200th episode this Friday, September 27, at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The crime drama’s return is one of many fall premieres.

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