Stranger Things Season 3: All The Questions We Hope Get Answered In Season 4

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Stranger Things Season 3 was immensely popular, and laid the groundwork for what could be a very exciting and emotional Season 4. Though we have no idea where the next threat from the Upside Down is coming, there were several major events that happened in the end that a new season could work with and develop as the main conflict of Season 4 gets underway.

For those excited, but may be having a bit of a brain fog in remembering just all the major questions Stranger Things Season 4 could answer, we got you. Here are some of the big questions following Stranger Things Season 3 that we'd love to see answered, although only if the answer won't wreck us emotionally like Hopper's sacrifice did.

Hopper Stranger Things Netflix

Is Hopper Dead Or Alive?

Stranger Things Season 3 didn't end so great for Hopper, who the characters thought laid down his life in order to protect Joyce and save Hawkins once again from the Upside Down. Of course, we can't be sure Hopper is actually dead, as his body (or some sludge that used to be his body) was nowhere to be found following the sacrifice. Typically when television shows don't show a body, it's always a good rule of thumb to assume the character may be alive.

Speculation on Hopper's survival has only intensified after Season 4's confirmation. The tagline teasing the season won't be set entirely in Hawkins has some speculating the Upside Down may be a prominent setting in Season 4, plus the teaser revealed a light flickering on and off in a building that appeared to be Hopper's cabin. Flickering lights were how Will got Joyce's attention in Season 1; could Hopper be doing the same?

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What Do The Soviets Want With The Upside Down?

Stranger Things Season 3 took quite a turn when it was revealed that some people other than the folks at Hawkins Laboratory were aware of the Upside Down. What's more is the Soviets appear to be doing a lot of research both in the States and in their home country in the Upside Down, though their intentions are not clear. What do they want with the Upside Down?

Stranger Things Season 4 will bring some answers, and I'm betting they'll be for some militaristic reason. I'm not sure if it means transporting weapons, weaponizing the creatures, or something else. With the United States and Soviet governments both very invested in exploring the Upside Down, it feels possible this whole thing started due to the Cold War. What other reasons could there be?

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Why Did Eleven's Powers Stop Working?

One of the more shocking (although somewhat understated in the grand scheme of things) twists of Stranger Things Season 3 was when Eleven lost her powers. While at first, it seemed to be a side effect of the Mind Flayer being pulled from her body, she still didn't have any of her abilities three months later. What happened to El's powers, and will she ever get them back?

Everyone better hope so, because Eleven is one of the major reasons the Upside Down's infestation of Earth has been halted going on three times now. It might not be impossible for the world to fend off another Upside Down attack, but it would definitely be harder without her telekinesis. Take that plus the vanishing of Hopper, and the world could be in some real trouble in Stranger Things Season 4.

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How Will The Friends Change After Season 3?

The Stranger Things kids had a pretty good run, but it feels like Season 3 broke up the band. Eleven and Will moved away, Dustin was hanging out more with Steve and Robin, and Max just lost her brother. That's a ton of change all at once, and it's hard to believe everybody will just be back to normal once Season 4 gets started.

An underrated story line in this big split, in my personal opinion, is that of Jonathan and Nancy. With Jonathan gone, will Nancy wait on her man while he's away, or will she find love in the arms of another? If ever there was a time to re-ignite the Jonathan and Steve rivalry, I would think now is as good a time as any.

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How Will Billy's Death Be Explained?

Stranger Things has had a good deal of notable deaths, but most of them were easy to sweep under the rug. Barb's body was left in the Upside Down, and whatever remained of Bob was presumably cleaned up by a Hawkins Lab janitor and promptly forgotten about by everyone except maybe Joyce. Billy's death will be a little harder to explain.

To start, he died a very gruesome death in the food court of the Starcourt Mall. Beyond that, Billy was fairly well-known in Hawkins as a lifeguard, at least among the moms. Is Billy's death publicly known, or was a cover story developed to explain his absence to his friends and family? Hopefully the former, because one has to think it would be hell for Max to pretend her brother ran away or something else happened when she knows the truth.

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Where Is Dr. Brenner?

In Stranger Things Season 2 Eleven learned that, against all odds, Dr. Brenner was still out there alive in the world. It was a hell of a tease that had many guessing we'd get some answers on that tease in Stranger Things Season 3, but alas, Brenner didn't appear in the entire season. Will Stranger Things Season 4 feature Dr. Brenner?

We have no clue, though it wouldn't be crazy to think Dr. Brenner is "the American" the Soviets are referring to at the end of Season 3. Perhaps the Soviets kidnapped Brenner and used his knowledge to create the tech they use for the Upside Down. Being locked in a cell in the Soviet Union would explain Brenner's disappearance, and why he hasn't resurfaced if he is really still alive. Stranger Things Season 3 was a bust for Brenner sightings, but Season 4 feels like a strong possibility.

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Stranger Things Season 3 is currently available to stream on Netflix. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend as we continue the journey towards Stranger Things Season 4, and keep readers informed on the latest and greatest news in television and movies.

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