Law And Order: SVU Dropped A Brooklyn Nine-Nine Shoutout That Was Cool Cool Cool

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There was nothing accidental about Law & Order: SVU’s seemingly loud shoutout to Brooklyn Nine-Nine during this week’s episode. The crime drama dropped a reference to the comedy series during a recent episode. Both shows air on NBC thanks to that network switch not too long ago.

A network is not the only thing that Law & Order: SVU and Brooklyn Nine-Nine share in common. They are also set in New York and center on police work. Could there be more to it than that? This shoutout has me (not-so-seriously) wondering. Could the two shows share the same universe? It seems like a stretch until you consider this:

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If you just went from Law & Order: SVU’s famous theme song punch of “dun dun” to “Duh duh-da!” you are not alone! Based on a brief and expertly placed bit of dialogue during a walk and talk between Carisi and Rollins, SVU and Nine-Nine sharing a universe could be possible! A crossover would be neat, although the tone of one of the shows would have to be wildly different. There have been more seemingly challenging crossovers bandied about before.

In the Law & Order: SVU scene, Rollins told Carisi that the Nine-Nine had picked up the owner of the boat. The Nine-Nine is the titular precinct that Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes place in. Could it be a sign of a shared universe? All said, it is probably just a cute shoutout between two shows. A neat wink to the much-loved comedy from the record-breaking drama. Cool!

The two shows are clearly on excellent terms! Following Law & Order: SVU’s shoutout tweet, Brooklyn Nine-Nine tweeted back:

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To which, Law & Order: SVU sent this sweet GIF of the one and only Olivia Benson! Check it out:

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A crossover is at least fun to imagine.! Rollins and Carisi may be on the verge of exploring a romance with each other. Who better to give them advice than the endearing cast of characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It would be wild. There was a Scooby-Doo crossover episode of Supernatural, so ambitious TV combinations have happened on before.

Law & Order: SVU and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are both about police work in New York. Is that a close enough connection to allow the characters to meet and work together in the same universe? If it does or does not happen, the Law & Order: SVU moment was still a nice nod.

Fans of the comedy are currently awaiting the comedy’s return. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not be back until the midseason. Law & Order: SVU just kicked off Season 21, which features significant changes for Benson and Carisi. The seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not without some of its own significant news.

The seventh season will reunite Andy Samberg with another Saturday Night Live alum. You will want to stay tuned for that! New episodes of Law & Order: SVU air Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return for its seventh season after this fall’s premieres, during the midseason.

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