The Flash Season 6's New Wells Will Reveal A Mind-Messing Secret

the flash harrison wells season 6

With every new season of The Flash comes a new version of Harrison Wells. The character, who was the scientist behind the particle accelerator that gifted Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) his powers in Season 1, was later revealed as the villain Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash. Since Thawne’s (temporary) defeat, however, Tom Cavanagh has played a new version of Harrison Wells every season and Season 6 is no different.

Speaking with TV Guide, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace teased what fans should expect from this new iteration of the character in the first and second halves of Season 6. And it wouldn’t be The Flash if someone wasn’t harboring a secret, so New Wells fits right in.

He's my favorite since Harrison Wells, the Reverse Flash [in] Season 1, because he's cool. He's suave. It's just what Tom said at Comic-Con: This is a man of adventure. This is a man who can kind of get in the fight and hold his own. We haven't seen Wells like that. But there's this completely unexpected side to him, which I will not spoil, that's just wonderful. He has a secret, a secret that will be slowly dripped out in graphic novel number one, but which will really mess with his mind literally — that's a spoiler right there — in [...] graphic novel number two.

Eric Wallace is being impressively vague about Season 6 Wells, but I’m still intrigued. Additionally, Wallace has dubbed the new format as “graphic novel number one” and “graphic novel number two.”

During San Diego Comic-Con, Tom Cavanagh did tease that he’ll be playing a very Indiana Jones-esque Wells, which explains the adventurous part. In The Flash’s extended trailer, he arrives on the scene by swinging in on a rope. Wells is nothing if not a bit theatrical.

Tom Cavanagh will be pulling double duty once again this season, though, since he’ll also be portraying Pariah in the Arrow-verse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. It hasn’t been confirmed if he’ll also return as Reverse-Flash, but considering the villain’s escape in the Season 5 finale, it’s a big possibility.

In seasons past of The Flash, Tom Cavanagh has played Earth-19’s H.R. Wells, Earth-2’s grumpy Harry Wells, and Season 5’s French-accented Sherloque Wells. Season 4 even introduced the “Council of Wells,” which included a host of Wells’ from across the multiverse. No matter what transpires on the show, fans can always expect there to be a replacement every season. It's become a bit of a comedy gag at this point. However, the trick is not to get too attached because he’ll be gone by the end of the season.

Elsewhere in Season 6, Barry will be contending with his looming death, Iris (Candice Patton) will be building Central City Citizen and hiring new staff members, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) will be working hard to have a normal life sans powers, Caitlin will let Killer Frost be in the driver’s seat for a while, and Ralph will make attempts to crack the case of the missing Sue Dearbon.

With all of the buildup towards “Crisis on Infinite Earths," the character developments, and the new Harrison Wells, The Flash is shaping up for a very exciting season.

The Flash Season 6 will return to The CW on Tuesday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET. For more on when the rest of the Arrow-verse shows will be back, be sure to check out our fall TV guide for premiere dates and times.

Mae Abdulbaki