Sounds Like The Flash Season 6 May Have More Killer Frost Than Caitlin

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As The Flash heads into what may be its most exciting season to date, The CW drama's cast and crew have been dropping breadcrumbs of some of the wild things fans can expect during the new season. Iris is going to have a fun new look and star Grant Gustin has confirmed Barry is going to face some pretty dire consequences at the start of the season. Basically things are going to get bonkers pretty quick.

To add on top of all that chaos, it's sounding like The Flash may switch up the team's status quo a bit. Don't worry too much! Cisco isn't going anywhere, but Caitlin Snow may be taking a back seat to her dual personality Killer Frost more often than usual in Season 6. Showrunner Eric Wallace shared the news ahead of the official season premiere and said the upcoming episodes will give some more insight into Caitlin's meta half.

Killer Frost is going to explore her humanity in ways we haven’t seen before — and sometimes that means her being on the team more than Caitlin. That doesn’t mean Caitlin is gone — obviously she is integral to the story, because she has the connection to our Big Bad, Bloodwork (aka Dr. Ramsey Russo). But some of the fun, some of the sadness, and some of the mysteries from Killer Frost’s past that we haven’t really been able to deal with, now we can.

Season 5 of The Flash gave the revealing information that Killer Frost has been a part of Caitlin since her childhood, and now Season 6 may expound upon that a bit. As Eric Wallace explained to TVLine Caitlin will still be involved in the story via her connection to this season's big bad, but the details of Killer Frost's existence will certainly get a share of the spotlight.

As far as how that will go down we can only speculate, as there's a lot of unanswered questions about Caitlin and Killer Frost's co-existence. We saw her transform as a child, so does that mean there have been other instances in the past where Killer Frost has taken over and Caitlin wasn't aware? Season 5 showed that Frost can go dormant for long stretches of time, so it's possible she could've emerged without Caitlin being suspicious of her existence before she officially learned about her.

Wallace added that there's a chance Killer Frost has a different view of Bloodwork villain Dr. Ramsey Russo, which could mean Frost may flip the switch and go full villain again. We'd hate to see it if that's the case, especially given the level of growth the character has shown throughout the series. The Flash would have to show a serious character shift for Killer Frost to break bad again, but perhaps she could be manipulated into unintentionally doing something bad for Russo?

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The Flash returns to The CW for Season 6 Tuesday, October 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on what's happening on it and the Arrow-verse in general as we inch closer to the mega crossover at the end of the year.

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