Mythbusters Fans, YouTube Has The Perfect New Show On The Way

Could You Survive The Movies? YouTube

Mythbusters did a bunch of memorable experiments in its heyday, though fans may best remember the ones dedicated to movies. For those that lived for those episodes, YouTube has the perfect new show on the way that will get into the science of cinema's biggest moments and examine their viability. Ultimately, the upcoming series will seek to answer the question in its title, Could You Survive The Movies?

In Could You Survive The Movies? host Jake Roper will take viewers through films like Jumanji, Men In Black, and Back To The Future and examine the science behind some of these films' biggest moments. For example, what would happen if you actually used a DeLorean to travel back in time? The answer isn't in this trailer, but there is still plenty of other cool stuff to get folks excited about this free-to-stream series. Take a look:

As is the case with other YouTube Premium content, Could You Survive The Movies? utilizes some of the most popular YouTube personalities to help along its story. Folks like Casey Neistat, Rosanna Pansino, and Michael Stevens are just a few of the big names to expect, and they will have a part to play in Jake Roper's journey through all things probable and improbable in movies.

As mentioned, Could You Survive The Movies? will be a free original series for anyone who visits the site to view on a weekly basis. That said, those who have a YouTube Premium membership will be able to binge the first 3 episodes of the series on launch day (Monday, October 21) and episodes 4-6 on Monday, December 16. Those watching for free will have to wait for the episodes to debut on a weekly basis following each premiere date.

As mentioned earlier, this is the perfect new show for Mythbusters fans, and a wonderful way to re-open some classic arguments on how movie magic is always entertaining, but may not be the most realistic. That's completely fine, by the way, although it would be hilarious if the writers of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle could justify a character getting a hole punched through them in the name of scientific accuracy.

The fact that YouTube is releasing an original for free is very interesting, considering a vast majority of YouTube Premium Originals were formerly behind a subscription paywall. This new system of allowing immediate access to subscribers is interesting, and is a great new strategy YouTube is using for its originals in this increasingly competitive streaming market. After all, some of us are reaching a point where sacrifices will need to be made to justify all these streaming subscriptions! Having a free option is always awesome!

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Could You Survive the Movies? is coming to YouTube beginning Monday, October 21. Stick with CinemaBlend for all things happening this fall season, be it in the world of television, streaming, or cinema.

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