What Lucasfilm Wouldn't Let Mythbusters Do For The Star Wars Episode

Mythbusters often pulls ideas from movies, TV and other aspects of popular culture. A couple of times, series leads Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have delved into the world of Star Wars, looking at myths related to lightsabers or whether or not individuals in the Star Wars universe could actually dodge a blaster bolt. As it turns out, working with Lucasfilm on these episodes isn’t too rough, but Adam Savage recently spoke out in an interview to explain there are restrictions the Mythbusters guys have to adhere to.

They had a couple of restrictions. We weren't allowed to animate real lightsaber effects onto our lightsabers while fighting. Besides that, they wanted to make sure that we weren't going to do something too far off from what a character would do. I don't think they wanted us to twerk with a Stormtrooper or something like that.

I can’t imagine the Mythbusters guys ever twerking, much less with a Stormtrooper, although I guess maybe it could happen in the name of science. Instead of twerking, for the recent episode, the guys built their “own little version” of a rebel ship to test myths and have some fun. You can check out a clip from the episode, below.

While there were some restrictions from the people at Lucasfilm, overall, they aren’t too difficult to work with. Savage told THR that the company is actually “wonderful” to deal with.

No, it's actually not tough to work with them. Lucasfilm is wonderful to work with — I myself was a little surprised, given how important and lucrative the Star Wars franchise is.

The Star Wars-based episode isn’t the first time the guys have delved into popular franchises this season. Earlier this year, the team did episode following premises from Raiders of the Lost Ark and The A-Team. This spring, they investigated concepts from the Breaking Bad finale. I'm sure the Star Wars franchise is not the only one that has ever placed restrictions on the experiments the guys want to attempt.

Over 14 seasons, the Mythbusters guys have capably been able to attempt experiments and bust myths related to a slew of famous projects. There are some stunts that Discovery will never let them do, but we’re very grateful the Star Wars experiments weren’t among them. You can catch new episodes of Mythbusters on Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET, only on Discovery.

Jessica Rawden
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