Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Relives Jesse's Best 'Bitch' Moments In Hilarious Video

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Aaron Paul will have a lifelong legacy thanks to Breaking Bad for many reasons, and not the least of which is Jesse Pinkman's tendency have a "bitch!" for every occasion. Whether it's a celebration of magnets or educating a doomed DEA agent on the importance of private domiciles, Jesse made "bitch" an impressively versatile word. Paul, who recently reprised his role as Jesse for Netflix's El Camino movie, relived Jesse's best "bitch" moments in a hilarious video.

Prepare yourself for a blast from the bitch-tastic past and take a look!

Kudos to Aaron Paul as an actor, because if not for the quick clip of him cracking up at "The Evolution of Bitch" in the beginning, I might have believed that he was 100% serious about the whole thing. That's not to say his comments about his process of honing his performance and dropping a different "bitch" for each of Jesse's different moods weren't genuine, but it was entertaining to see him laugh.

Breaking Bad wasn't all doom-and-gloom meth-cooking, after all, and Jesse saying "bitch" on lighter occasions could always deliver a laugh. Honestly, I've gone back rewatched the clip of "Yeah, bitch! Magnets!" from Breaking Bad just for fun. Alas, Jesse's celebration of magnets didn't make it into the montage from the Aaron Paul video, but there were plenty of memorable ones in there, and it would take more than six-and-a-half minutes to do justice to every Breaking Bad "bitch."

In case you've already tuned in to El Camino on Netflix, then this was just the latest look back at the glory days of Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen El Camino yet, beware of spoilers that lie ahead!

El Camino was packed with appearances from Breaking Bad veterans, including Mike Ehrmantraut in a flashback to before Walt murdered him, child-murderer and tarantula-enthusiast Todd Alquist, Badger and Skinny Pete, and many more. Most importantly of all (although he didn't appear in much of the movie), Bryan Cranston reprised his role as Walter White, in a scene set before everything went south with Walt and Jesse.

Aaron Paul was back at his best as Jesse Pinkman, which comes as no surprise considering he only had to rewatch one episode for El Camino. I imagine that this might be the last we see of Jesse Pinkman, as the Netflix movie brought his story full circle, and I honestly wouldn't wish anything on him that could ruin the closest thing he could get to a peaceful ending. End spoilers.

You can find the full series of Breaking Bad streaming on Netflix now, as well as El Camino. If you're in the market for something packed with fewer "bitch" drops, swing by our 2019 Netflix premiere guide for some ideas.

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