New Amsterdam Season 2 Has Big Plans For Iggy

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New Amsterdam has big plans for Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) in Season 2. Viewers have seen a lot of Iggy in his professional life. They are about to get a better glimpse of his personal one. Iggy wears many hats in life and he is a compassionate doctor, a loving husband, and an active father.

A lot was going on in the Season 2 premiere, including the aftermath of last season’s ambulance crash. As a result of revealing who died, New Amsterdam also gave viewers an update on its doctors’ personal lives. When the second season started, Iggy was struggling to get home to his husband, Martin, and their kids at a good time.

Before the Season 2 premiere ended, Iggy told Martin that he wanted to adopt another child. Iggy’s desire to add to their family will be a vital part of his story as the medical drama moves forward. Teasing Iggy’s upcoming storyline, New Amsterdam showrunner, David Schulner, told TVLine:

This season is really going to explore why Iggy feels the need to keep expanding his family. We’re going to get into Iggy and his issues, as much as Iggy gets into his patients’ issues. We’re really going to find out what makes Iggy tick, and is it healthy to keep helping people the way that he does?

It sounds like New Amsterdam is going to be taking as deep of a dive into Iggy’s issues as he does with his patients. The psychiatrist has been shown taking a very active role in treating those who come into the hospital. His level of empathy has allowed him to help them reach previously unattainable breakthroughs.

What will New Amsterdam’s probing into Iggy’s issues reveal? How will it resolve itself with respect to Iggy’s desire to expand his and his husband’s family? Will they end up adopting another child, after all is said and done? Based on what the series’ showrunner is saying, something is driving Iggy’s heart when it comes to adopting again.

It also sounds as though New Amsterdam will continue exploring Iggy’s treatment method. Fans will recall that, last season, Iggy was on the receiving end of a review regarding his course of treatment. In last season’s finale, Dr. Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher) proved vital in helping Iggy as they treated a man suffering from severe PTSD. Hopefully, they can keep teaming up!

Iggy has a huge heart and a lot of empathy for people, which makes him so good at what he does. Will he have to work on tempering that to some extent? What impact will all of this have on Iggy’s marriage? Martin is a great dad and husband, but he was pretty overwhelmed as Season 2 started.

I believe they can make it through whatever comes. Iggy is such a wonderful character, so I am excited that his personal life is getting a closer look. New Amsterdam has shown time and again how a doctors’ life away from their lab coat impacts their professional duties. So, it will be interesting to learn how Iggy’s story progresses.

New Amsterdam has given fans a lot to consider as Max’s worrisome grief process got a spotlight not too long ago. Between the deep dive into Iggy’s psyche and the "shocking reveal" for Helen, the NBC drama has a lot going on.

New episodes of New Amsterdam air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Season 2 of the medical drama is one of this year’s many fall premieres.

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