New Amsterdam Has A 'Shocking Reveal' For Helen Sharpe In Season 2

Spoilers ahead for the September 24 second season premiere of New Amsterdam on NBC.

The Season 2 premiere of New Amsterdam was largely occupied with resolving the big Season 1 cliffhanger that left the lives of the three biggest women in Max's life in danger, although the episode took its time with the ultimate reveal that it was Georgia who perished after the ambulance crash. The reveal that Dr. Helen Sharpe had survived came relatively early in the episode, despite a brief misdirect at one point that had another doctor occupying Helen's office.

While fans undoubtedly would have been shocked if Helen was the one to die, there is apparently a genuine shock coming in the not-too-distant future for Helen, and it will have to do with her desire to have a child. Addressing the questions of where she is about wanting to be a mom in Season 2 and if she's still dating Dr. Panthaki, New Amsterdam showrunner David Schulner said this:

Sharpe will tell us exactly where she is with both of those. And coming up [later] in the season, we do have a kind of shocking reveal for Dr. Sharpe on the child front.

The second episode of Season 2 will reveal where Helen is regarding having a child and the romance with Dr. Panthaki, but David Schulner's comments to TVLine reveal that the big shock isn't coming until later in the season. Now, given that this is a TV show, it's only natural to assume that a "shocking reveal" that comes "on the child front" means an unplanned pregnancy for Helen.

That said, would David Schulner and Co. go with something so predictable as an unplanned pregnancy, especially this early in the run of the series? And even if that was the plan, would Schulner had given away the game when only one episode of Season 2 has aired so far? At this point, I'm more inclined to suspect that the shock doesn't have to do with Helen winding up pregnant, although I don't really have any practical alternative.

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I doubt she'll be moving in with Max to act as stepmom to baby Luna so soon after Georgia died, and Max seems to be doing more or less okay as a single dad. Is he dealing with Georgia's death by imagining that she's still alive? Yes. Is he still functional as both a doctor and a person? Also yes. David Schulner did reveal some bad news for New Amsterdam fans who want Max and Helen to begin a romantic relationship.

It makes sense that Helen would be able to move on from the crash sooner than the others who were involved. Max obviously lost his wife and the mother of his infant daughter, and Lauren is still dealing with the injuries she sustained in the crash. Helen was injured as well, but she recovered. It's a good sign that she's looking toward her future!

Find out more of what's in store for Helen when new episodes of New Amsterdam air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC in the fall TV lineup.

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