Fans Freak Out After Wheel Of Fortune Contestants Fail To Solve Simple Puzzle

Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak And Vanna White screenshot "Antigua"

There are very few people on the planet I believe would describe Wheel of Fortune as a difficult game show, but this week, an easy and nearly-solved puzzle stumped multiple contestants, despite what seemed to be a very simple answer, at least based on viewers' reactions. It was arduous to watch, and the Internet wasted no time before calling out the contestants on the snafu.

Some of the best reactions directly feature people hollering at the TV as the moment happens.

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While I question a little whether or not moments like this are staged for social, given it’s a little suspect people would be recording them as they happen, I do appreciate this person’s enthusiasm for how terrible these Wheel of Fortune contestants are. Also, if you haven’t seen the major Wheel of Fortune flub yet, you can see that at one point all that is left is the “a” and still the contestants just miss it. They keep thinking of words like "reminds" instead of "remains" that clearly don't fit.

The third guy didn’t even have a guess, but finally the first woman got it together. No wonder the Internet was in such a tizzy about what happened! You gotta wonder what Pat Sajak thinks in these moments while he's onstage. He’s probably reminiscing about the times he and Vanna White used to record drunk. If I were him, I'd be internally screaming the answer, but he's a lot more chill than I am, so perhaps he just zones out.

Seriously, lots and lots of people were not able to handle this happening while watching the taped recording. Lots of “wtf just happened” moments from the fans and comments such as this one abound on the Internet this week.

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Even Jeopardy’s Alex Jacob got in on the commentary about the amazing whiffs by the contestants, noting how easy the answer was given what they already knew about the puzzle.

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But as a longtime fan can attest, these aren’t the first set of Wheel of Fortune contestants who have missed what many members of the audience believed were slam dunks. In fact, we’ve reported on others before.

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At the end of the day, I’m sure that none of these contestants enjoyed being in the limelight and having a “d’oh” moment. Being on TV can be a rush, but I’m sure that’s not true when you are missing easy pickings. It's too bad you generally can't give a live TV performance like this one another go at some point.

Watch more Wheel of Fortune contestant fails here at CinemaBlend, or tune in weeknights to see new moments as they happen during taped recordings.

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