When Calls The Heart's Daniel Lissing Is Engaged In Real Life

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When Calls the Heart’s Daniel Lissing is engaged in real life! Hearties will readily recall that Lissing starred as Jack Thornton throughout the Hallmark series’ first five seasons. Jack was the main love interest, and eventual husband of When Calls the Heart’s leading lady Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow).

Now, he has some exciting real-life romance news! The former When Calls the Heart star has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Nadia. Daniel Lissing shared the exciting announcement on his Instagram page replete with a romantic picture of him and his now-fiancé. Check out the heartwarming snapshot below:

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Daniel Lissing told ET that he proposed at his and Nadia’s home on her birthday. In a heartfelt connection, Lissing shared that during his proposal, he spoke from his heart. On When Calls the Heart, Lissing’s Jack proposed to Elizabeth in Season 4, ahead of leaving on a Mountie assignment in a moment that was also heartfelt for fans.

When Calls the Heart fans will undoubtedly rejoice at seeing the actor is doing so well, particularly given It has been a while since viewers have seen Daniel Lissing on-screen as his fan-favorite character. When Calls the Heart is heading into its seventh season and the show's second without Lissing! His former co-star, Erin Krakow, has already shared pictures from the set of the new episodes and had some potential love interests enter the fray last season.

Daniel Lissing ended up deciding to leave When Calls the Heart, departing in Season 5. His exit led the drama to have to write off his character, Jack, in a rather horrible manner -- a situation that would be familiar for Downton Abbey fans. Luckily, there was some happiness for the characters before he left.

Elizabeth and Jack got married in When Calls the Heart’s Season 5. Sadly, the couple’s Hallmark romance ended tragically when Jack was killed off-screen the same season. Former When Calls the Heart star, Lori Loughlin, previously explained the decision to have him depart in death.

Despite Daniel Lessing and Jack’s exit, the series and its cast of characters have continued to move forward and his legacy has continued to be felt on-screen.

The premiere of When Calls the Heart’s first season without Daniel Lessing’s Jack brought in record ratings for the series. Hearties were clearly interested in finding out what would happen next for Jack’s wife, Elizabeth. A lot transpired, and she ended up welcoming a son by her late husband as well as meeting the aforementioned potential love interests.

Getting to see Elizabeth embark on her next chapter in When Calls the Heart’s last season proved trickier than expected. After some off-screen issues were addressed, the series eventually returned to finish out its season. Hearties are anxiously awaiting the series' return for Season 7 -- just like Daniel Lissing is probably awaiting saying his own vows.

When Calls the Heart will air Season 7 after this fall at some point in 2020 on Hallmark Channel. You can catch up with the first five seasons of When Calls the Heart on Netflix, among other premieres.

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