That Time Black-Ish All Did Us Costumes (Even Though Jordan Peele Doesn't Like 'Em)

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The characters of black-ish donned Us costumes for the ABC show’s Halloween episode! Yes, even though Us’ director, Jordan Peele, is not a fan of people dressing up as the Tethered from the smash hit movie. As fans prepare for Halloween, they have been taking to social media to share their costumes.

One of the popular choices is the Tethered from this year’s horror movie hit, Us. It turns out that Jordan Peele may not entirely approve of the Us costume trend. The film’s director spoke out about how it felt to see people “impersonating the stalkers.” While Peele may be reticent, black-ish moved full steam ahead on it. Cue the music!

On the hit comedy’s annual Halloween special, the Johnsons dressed up as Us characters. Will the horror maestro, Jordan Peele, have anything to say about black-ish’s take on Us after seeing these terrific costumes? Check out the Johnsons as Us characters for Halloween below:

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A popular and shut down fan theory and sequel hopes aside, black-ish came on strong with its Halloween costumes. Like the show’s Prince tribute, they nailed it! Hence, the credit to black-ish’s incredible behind-the-scenes team in the post’s caption.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes, Tracee Ellis Ross (Bow) shared her enthusiasm for the Johnson’s Us costumes by taking to Instagram to share a cool video from the set. Ross is definitely a fan of the hit movie! Check it out:

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Clearly, the black-ish cast had fun taking on the Tethered for the series’ Halloween outing. The Johnsons have a tradition of pulling off fantastic costumes. The family’s take on Jordan Peele’s Us is keeping their streak very much alive! As viewers saw in the episode, the Johnsons put a lot of thought in their decision.

In a clip from black-ish’s Halloween episode, entitled “Everybody Blames Raymond,” you can see all of the lead up to the family making their decision to go as the characters from Us. Watch them work it out in the episode excerpt below:

It cost the Johnsons’ $3,000 to pull off their Us looks! That is dedication! At first, Bow and Dre did not plan on going trick-or-treating with their costumes. Their initial plan was stick with posting a great family picture. Come to think of it that is probably the best way to get a Halloween costume seen.

It will be interesting to see if Jordan Peele, ends up commenting on how well black-ish pulled off the costumes! Hopefully, he gets a chance to see it. The recently spun-off series certainly earned some attention with such a flawless take on the Us characters!

New episodes of black-ish air Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. The series’ sixth season is one of this fall’s premieres.

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