Stranger Things Reveals A ‘Hellfire’ Start To Season 4

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Stranger Things celebrated a special date in grand fashion by revealing how Season 4 will begin, and the first episode already promises some "hellfire." November 6 is celebrated by the show and fans alike due to the fact that that's the day in 1983 when Will Byers went missing, and the Stranger Things writers decided to drop the name of the Season 4 premiere on social media before the day was through.

Take a look at the reveal courtesy of the writers, and the commentary from the official account:

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Yes, the first episode of Stranger Things Season 4 is called "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club," and the Twitter post reveals the episode was penned by The Duffer Brothers themselves. Now, given that this is Stranger Things we're talking about, the title may have multiple layers of meaning, not the least of which is something truly hellish.

If Hopper survived the shocking end of Season 3, he might be in some hellish circumstances, and the whole status quo in the Soviet bunker, where there's a new Demogorgon and a mysterious "American," doesn't exactly seem heavenly. Fans might find it hellish if the Stranger Things kids have smaller roles in Season 4, which is possible given the news that broke at the end of October.

But does the Season 4 premiere title allude more directly to club from the pages of Marvel Comics, or even the pages of the history books? X-Men fans know that the Hellfire Club is the name of a group of Marvel characters who were a key part of the legendary Dark Phoenix Saga, and not exactly in a good way. The Hellfire Club was also the name of 18th century high society clubs in Britain and Ireland, but I'm guessing Stranger Things is more likely to borrow from comics than British social clubs from the 1700s.

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So, does the title suggest that a new group of villains will be introduced, and they're given the name of a group of comic book baddies by the group of kids? The Demogorgon and Mind Flayer both received their names because the group of boys tended to relate the mysterious goings-on in Hawkins to Dungeons & Dragons, after all, and D&D wasn't quite as much of a thing on the show by the end of Season 3.

Or could this be a name the kids give themselves as a unit, if they're past the days of referring to themselves as "the party" like in the earlier seasons? The party was broken up with the departure Will and Eleven. At this point, maybe it's even a sign that Eleven could get a Dark Phoenix-esque arc in Season 4.

Then again, Stranger Things changed the names of some of its Season 3 episodes from what were originally announced, so nothing may be set in stone for Season 4.

For now, you can catch the first three seasons of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix, as well as plenty of other options courtesy of the streaming giant.

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