How The View's Meghan McCain Feels About Getting Booed

Meghan McCain looks at Donald Trump Jr. on The View ABC

Meghan McCain is still not used to being booed on The View. She's brushed it off on air before, but she got more candid in a recent interview with co-host Joy Behar.

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John McCain, is a former Fox News show co-host and one of The View's few Republican voices. The View audience does love to applaud or boo depending on what the co-hosts say, and McCain has been on the receiving end of some boos since she joined the show in 2017.

Here's how she feels about that:

This is a very hard job. I think because you and I are so emotionally invested in the topics, I get very upset or happy. It's like, lots of intense emotions on this show and part of it is the political climate we're in and part of it's just the nature of the show, getting booed is very hard. I'm still not used to it. I don't like when the audience does that.

That's what Meghan McCain said when ET had McCain and Joy Behar interview each other in honor of the show's 5,000th episode, which aired last week.

No one gets on The View for being a shrinking violet, so Meghan McCain knew going in she'd probably be clashing with the left-leaning co-hosts, and also probably get on the audience's nerves sometimes too. She has been pretty blasé about it in the past, like when she was booed for saying Trump will probably be re-elected:

As Meghan McCain noted, she is a Republican who is not a fan of President Donald Trump, for a lot of his actions and the way Trump has spoken about her father. She clashed with Donald Trump Jr. about that on a recent episode:

So Meghan McCain is in a tough spot -- booed by the left and also booed by Trump supporters on the right. Maybe that's why she was reportedly feeling like a "caged animal," when rumors spread that she might want to leave The View. However, McCain made it clear she has nothing but love for her co-host Joy Behar, even though they clash over views on TV. During ET's interview, she told Behar it hurts her feelings when she reads reports that they don't get along:

It genuinely hurts my feelings because our dressing rooms are next door to each other and you and I have the same emotional reaction to things -- sometimes in different ways -- but we're both upset equally, the equal amount of the same things. And I wish people would give us a break, for real.

Joy Behar -- who just talked about when the show could end -- said she and Meghan McCain both mean what they say, it's not an act when they get into it, but she also said she thought they were becoming less adamant about their positions.

Meghan McCain even said she hates the show when Joy Behar isn't around:

I don't know what my takeaway is but when you're not here, I hate the show. I really have a hard time. As everyone knows, I have a really hard time when I can't fight with you, I really enjoy it. I really enjoy being friends with you. You're really funny, you always make me laugh on the show. I'm really, sincerely very grateful that you're on the show with me and you have all the answers. I do, I love Joy ... because neither of us put up with shit, none of us care about being loved and both of us don't want our husbands on the show every day. We don't drag our husbands out like props, neither of us do that.

Oh, unlike who? The shade of it all! Well, The View is known for co-hosts taking little subtle -- or not-so-subtle -- jabs at each other. The View is currently airing Season 23, with other co-hosts including Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Abby Huntsman. The show airs at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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