Yes, American Horror Story: 1984's Matthew Morrison Totally Did Research On Dudes With Big Penises

Matthew Morrison American Horror Story: 1984 Trevor talks to Montana FX

Matthew Morrison's Glee fans must've been quite surprised to see Mr. Schue's new role on American Horror Story: 1984. He plays Trevor Kirchner, who is known for having a big dick -- and a mustache that Morrison nicknamed Tom in honor of Tom Selleck.

Matthew Morrison's AHS: 1984 character was introduced as being famous -- or infamous -- for his genitalia. Montana Duke (Billie Lourd) recognized Trevor from his appearance in an early Jane Fonda workout video that had to be edited to remove him because his penis was too distracting. Yep! That's a plot point, and it's pretty much all Ryan Murphy told Matthew Morrison about the role before he signed on.

Matthew Morrison American Horror Story: 1984 Trevor Kirchner shorts penis

AHS: 1984 required Matthew Morrison to show off more of his body, including wearing short-shorts, which was new for him:

I have big legs and I don’t really show them that much, so it was freeing. I didn’t feel awkward by it. But I had to be aware of how I was sitting sometimes because accidents happen.

Yes, as Matthew Morrison told ET, he had to be particularly aware of that body part in this role, since Trevor was famous for it. He said the role led him "to do research on guys with huge dicks" -- which must've made his internet search history very interesting. As for how his shorts filled out on the show, he joked...

I don’t know why people keep thinking that’s a prosthetic.

Nice. American Horror Story: 1984 fans also shouldn't think that's a fake mustache. That is a real 'stache Matthew Morrison grew for the '80s-set show, and named Tom in honor of the original Magnum P.I. star himself.

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RIP, Mustache Tom.

AHS: 1984 gave Matthew Morrison his first main role on a TV show since the end of Ryan Murphy's Glee in 2015. Not that he's been idle -- he's been busy on stage and screen, along with taking on a very dark guest role on Grey's Anatomy and a recurring role on The Good Wife.

Matthew Morrison said it was a joy to be part of the AHS family with this new role, even though it required a lot of night shoots, which made it tough with his young son's schedule.

Why AHS: 1984 Is My Favorite American Horror Story Season In Years

American Horror Story: 1984 is Season 9, and AHS Season 10 is still to come. (Will that be the final season? Probably not.) The AHS: 1984 season finale airs tonight (Wednesday, Nov. 13) at 10 p.m. on FX, which will be streaming shows exclusively on Hulu thanks to a new partnership. AHS Season 10 will probably keep to tradition and premiere in September 2020 on FX.

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