What Will Schuester Is Doing 10 Years After Glee's Premiere, According To Matthew Morrison

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Fox’s musical dramedy Glee premiered back in 2009, which means it has been 10 years since the story began. The story ended four years ago in 2015 with Season 6's happy ending, which included another uplifting musical number. That number came after Rachel won a Tony award.

Knowing that her crowning career achievement would not have been possible without Mr. Schue, she dedicated her Tony to him. What does actor Matthew Morrison think his character, Will Schuester, is doing now? Morrison weighed in with this hopeful update to ET:

He’s got four kids. And I’d like to believe that Will is opening up a string of performing arts high schools all across the nation.

Ambitious! As Glee fans will recall, Will and Emma went through a lot before they finally got together. In Season 4, the couple got married, and in Season 5 they welcomed their first child, a son they named Daniel Finn. He was born during the episode that Rachel makes her debut in Funny Girl.

Will and his wife Emma expanding their family would not be all that strange. Maybe all of their kids will end up joining a glee club in one of the schools Matthew Morrison suggests their dad has opened! Morrison's idea sounds like the foundation for a pretty strong reboot. In Glee’s series finale, Will was promoted to principal at McKinley High. Did he take that and run?

Mr. Schue always dreamed big, so what Matthew Morrison suggests he is doing makes sense. Performance arts and schools were close to his heart. Look how many kids he inspired during his time on Glee. Rachel’s acceptance speech in the series finale was right on the money. Why not start even more performance art high schools to spread the encouragement he gave so many students?

Maybe his former students from McKinley High are working in the schools. That thought makes my heart happy. Mr. Schue went through a lot to get to his personal happy ending. He also had to grow up a lot himself. By the end of Glee, those dramatic flourishes were in the rear-view mirror. He was happy.

As for Gleeks who would be curious to see the show make a return, television’s revival obsession does not rule it out. Asked whether he would reprise his role as Will Schuester, Matthew Morrison responded. He has thoughts on what Glee-related thing he would be up for, but a revival series is not on the list:

I would love to do, like, a concert with everyone or something like that. I think the show had such a moment at the right time and to recreate it now, it just wouldn’t have the same impact.

If you want to relive the magic of Glee, there is a way to enjoy the original construct. Since Glee ended, Matthew Morrison has gone on to play a role very different from Will Schuester. It is nice that Morrison still has an idea of where Mr. Schue would be up to now. However, what’s next for him will not currently include a Glee revival.

Want to re-watch the show? This story made me want to. Glee’s entire run is currently available to binge on Netflix, alongside many other series.

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