Chicago P.D.’s Halstead Is A Bloody Mess And More In Midseason Finale Photos

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The midseason finale of Chicago P.D. Season 7 is fast-approaching, and all signs point toward a heart-pounding end to the first half of the season. The description for the episode, called "Absolution," revealed that Halstead will wind up in danger due to his secret relationship with a woman connected to a case. When the episode description was released, it wasn't clear if the danger would be to Halstead's life, his job, or even his other relationships. Now, judging by some pictures for the midseason finale, it's pretty clear that Halstead's life is in danger. In fact, he's a bloody mess!

And here I thought the most danger Halstead would face this season was that his relationship with Voight would fracture! Take a look at Halstead not looking his most dapper in the upcoming midseason finale:

chicago pd season 7 midseason finale halstead bloody

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And this is why we don't have secret ongoing relationships with people involved in cases, Halstead! Of course, Halstead surely didn't ask to be seemingly bleeding pretty heavily from an ugly head wound, quite possibly chained to a rusty pipe, and apparently clocked in the face during the course of "Absolution," and it's hard to imagine that it's his fault, but one would think that he'd have learned his lesson about secret case-related relationships after the Camila fiasco! Oh, Halstead.

The good news is that Halstead works with a team of skilled and loyal cops in the Intelligence Unit, and they'll undoubtedly be on the case to try and find him. While it's too early to speculate with any precision about what's in store while Halstead is in his dangerous position, I've placed these next photos in my best guess at chronological order.

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What gathered the Intelligence Unit (with the obvious exception of Halstead, who was probably taken by this point) outdoors in Chicago? I'm not sure, but it definitely looks like either Upton knows something or the rest of the group expects Upton to know. She is Halstead's partner, and if the rest of Intelligence finds out about his secret relationship, they might assume that she would know. Alternately, it would stand to reason that she was the one of them who saw him last.

This next picture suggests that Voight wants a word with Upton alone:

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If this photo follows the photo of the group looking at Upton, I imagine this could be Voight thinking Upton might drop some Halstead details to him that she didn't want to expose to the whole of Intelligence. The episode description only states that Halstead's relationship is "secret," so it's possible that it was a secret to everybody except Upton and she does have some inside info. Either way, she probably knows Halstead best.

Whatever's happening, Upton doesn't look too cool or collected when Intelligence is raiding what looks like a house. Take a peek:

chicago pd season 7 midseason finale hailey upton scared nbc

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Upton looks worried to me, and in a different way than when she's usually on the verge of a raid. Is Intelligence going after a bad guy here, or do they think Halstead is inside? I'm guessing he's not, since this was one of the promo photos released by NBC. Surely NBC wouldn't spoil the climax of the episode early with pictures!

Another of the images seemingly shows the inside of the building, and while Halstead himself isn't visible, Atwater is looking seriously alarmed:

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If Halstead spends most of the episode in the room with the rusty pipe, then it's pretty likely that a bloody Halstead isn't what has Atwater's eyes bulging out of his head. Could it be blood? Or Halstead's badge and phone? Or something more sinister? Atwater doesn't get shaken by the little things on Chicago P.D. after seven years, so it could be something pretty ugly.

Unfortunately, fans can only wait and see if Halstead will be a little broken too after the events of "Absolution." The midseason finale of Chicago P.D. Season 7 will reveal what's going on with Halstead on Wednesday, November 20 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, following the midseason finale of Chicago Fire (with the long-absent Gabby Dawson back in the mix) at 9 p.m. ET and the midseason finale of Chicago Med at 8 p.m. ET. I'm guessing the midseason finales mean that One Chicago will win Wednesday with a much wider margin than it did in the first week of November!

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