American Horror Story: 1984 Fans Are Shocked By Unexpected Season Finale Twist

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Spoilers ahead for the finale of American Horror Story: 1984, called "Final Girl."

American Horror Story took the action back to the 80s for its ninth season run, fittingly called American Horror Story: 1984, but the finale jumped the story ahead to 2019. Finn Wittrock was on board to play none other than Jingles' son all grown up, and as Bobby Richter, he arrived at Camp Redwood to look for his dad and started encountering some people who definitely weren't ready for the smart phone (or an era without aerobics). And who were also dead. The episode delivered plenty of unexpected twists and turns, but the biggest for fans seemed to be the fact that AHS: 1984 actually concluded with a happy ending.

Seriously! Of course, most of the episode featured flashbacks to the 80s of the people at Camp Redwood killing each other in some spectacular ways, with the highlight for many probably being everybody joining forces against Margaret to chop her up and toss her, piece by piece, into a wood chipper that flung the bloody chunks beyond the borders of the camp, guaranteeing that she wouldn't come back. (Or so they thought.)

Bobby ultimately discovered that there were actually two final girls: Donna and Brooke, although Donna had thought Brooke was dead since the 80s. After this reveal, Bobby returned to Camp Redwood, still determined to find his dad. Margaret popped up to try and kill him, but Jingles managed to stop her... at first. Bobby and Jingles got to share a touching hug, and Margaret's quick return still didn't result in Bobby's death.

Why? Well, Lavinia (a.k.a. the Lady in White) stopped her and stated that Bobby "deserves a happy ending." Bobby left Redwood, alive and as well as could be under the circumstances, but not without seeing the ghosts of his dad, his grandma, and his uncle together. "The Living Years" by Mike & the Mechanics began to play, and that was it! AHS: 1984 genuinely ended on a happy note, and Emma Roberts' character wasn't killed off!

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Fans hit social media to share their thoughts on the unexpectedly pleasant ending, and most seemed to be pleased with the finished product.

Few shows can conclude a season with a fan happy with absolutely everything, but "Final Girl" pulled it off for at least one person, who was seemingly emotional in a good way. Well done, American Horror Story: 1984!

Happy tears were an ongoing theme on Twitter following the finale. Take a look at another satisfied viewer's thoughts:

Now that was a choice to show off an emotional reaction! Relatively few people might have gone for a video to share feelings online. "Final Girl" subverted this person's expectations, and that clearly can be a very good thing.

While some AHS: 1984 fans went for gifs and videos to express their feelings, another went for the jugular with something impossibly cute: an emotional-looking kitten.

While seasons of American Horror Story don't always end on down notes, 1984 was pretty satisfying. The good guys won, and some of them even weren't dead by the time the final credits rolled!

A certain someone on Twitter had to give a nod to what the ending for Brooke meant in the grand scheme of AHS:

Congratulations to Emma Roberts on surviving a season of American Horror Story! Of all the twists -- including the larger happy ending -- this was perhaps the most surprising, considering Brooke seemed very decidedly dead for most of the finale.

Maybe this Twitter user summed up the general reaction to the American Horror Story: 1984 conclusion the best:

Well, that's the end of another season of American Horror Story, and a tenth season is already in the works. Although some fans have expressed concern that the anthology series will wrap after Season 10, those fans definitely shouldn't despair just yet. Of course, big changes are in store on the FX front, so who knows what will happen?

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