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Sometimes, friends, the internet really is a magical place filled with laughter and hope. As we all know by now, the arrival of Disney+ just a couple of days ago has ignited a very new era of the streaming wars, with people now free to binge a wide variety of childhood favorites, new classics, shows none of us even knew existed before and recent blockbusters from all corners of the Disney universe. And, folks are eating this stuff up.

Along with all of those things, there are the upcoming Marvel shows for Disney+ (You can use this link to sign up for a free 7-day trial), which will bring some of the biggest MCU characters to their own television shows. Well, comic book writer Gail Simone had a very intriguing idea about turning some well-known Disney properties into vehicles for Marvel characters, and after she tweeted out a few ideas of her own, with #MarvelPlus added to properly let everyone in on her thinking, she started a movement that's taken over Twitter.

If you missed out on all the #MarvelPlus activity this morning, you've come to the right place to catch up! Let's kick this off with Gail Simone's first tweet that started it all:

I mean...this is awesome, right? I can already picture Raven-Symoné dressed as Kraven the Hunter as she uses her psychic abilities to hunt Spider-Man. And, because Gail Simone is clearly an idea machine, she quickly posted 10 more ideas to her Twitter feed which really got the ball rolling on this whole thing.

Because Twitter (and comic book fans...and Disney fans) love a good ol' fashioned challenge, they responded to Simone fast and with some fabulous ideas that I would 100% watch, were they made into movies or television shows. This person, for instance, has found something quite interesting for Drax and Loki to do:

Can't you just hear the laugh track now? Obviously, in this new scenario Loki and Drax would need to be teenagers (Swoon!), with Loki having been adopted into Drax's family. Girl-crazy Loki can prank his way through hotel living and pull a constantly questioning Drax along for the ride any day, as far as I'm concerned.

Just reading this next one might have you singing a certain theme song hook to yourselves for the rest of the day, so, you know, prepare to hate this brilliant #MarvelPlus tweet (or me...dealer's choice):

Oh. My. Goodnesssssss! See? What did I tell you? It's there, isn't it? Bubbling at the back of your brain and ready to explode forth from your lips even though you're sitting in a cubicle surrounded by your co-workers. Sing it with me now...BUCK TALES OOOOH WEEEE OOOOH! I now so badly want to see Bucky have a series of adventures with three rambunctious ducklings after he's done kicking it with Falcon. Can someone make sure this gets greenlit, please?

This last contribution might be my favorite of all, simply because of the dedication required to come up with an idea and then also create a bit of artwork to punctuate it:

You can already see the big green guy busting out some tunes and dancing around in front of a packed stadium for a concert, right?

You can check out more of the #MarvelPlus offerings over on Twitter. But if you still need info on Disney+, be sure to check out our handy guide for everything that's currently available to watch!

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