Disney+ Has Boy Meets World And Darkwing Duck Trending On Twitter Right Now

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Even though the Disney+ streaming service has only been properly anticipated by the public for around a year now, it feels like fans have been waiting on this thing for years, thanks to the beyond-heavy promotional push. The time for release finally arrived this week, though, with Disney+ going live all around the world (though not without some hiccups). Many, many wonderful things will come from this release, but Disney+ has already made the world a fun place again on Twitter, complete with Darkwing Duck.

The launch of Disney+ likely had fans thinking that Star Wars' first live-action series The Mandalorian would be taking over social media (and the speculation center of our brains), or perhaps even the revisionist reboot High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. And while those shows are certainly doing that, Twitter's trends are also filled with classic '90s Disney TV programming, as led by Cory Matthews and the beloved coming-of-age comedy Boy Meets World. No deadly intergalactic bounty hunters here, just a teen with effortlessly curly hair.

cory matthews giving topanga thumbs up boy meets world

As fans know, Boy Meets World was one of the most iconic entries in ABC's long-running TGIF comedy lineup, along with shows like Full House and Family Matters. Corey and Topanga have had much closer ties with Disney than some of those other shows, though, considering Disney Channel brought the characters back for the generational spinoff Girl Meets World some years ago. Could Boy Meets World's streaming success bring the franchise back for more? We'll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and if anyone out there is having streaming troubles, you can just call DW. (Although one has to assume that "calling DW" means something much different in 2019, what with the prominence of mobile technology and advances in humanoid duck-related communication.) In any case, the arrival of Disney+ has given rise to everyone's renewed appreciation for the Terror That Flaps in the Night, Darkwing Duck.

For anyone who wasn't already aware, Darkwing Duck actually did come back in a huge way in 2019, with Jim Cummings returning to voice the role for Disney's recent DuckTales reboot. It's not exactly clear where that story will go in Season 3 and beyond, but fans don't even need to worry about the future, because all 91 episodes from the original TV series are available on Disney+. Let's get binge-erous, amirite?

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Twitter's trending topics obviously weren't just limited to Ben Savage's teen years and Drake Mallard's vigilante fowl, of course, but Disney+'s influence was still heavily present. Other hashtaggable pop culture entries include the cult animated series Gargoyles (all three seasons of the mid-'90s toon are available), the Shia LaBeouf-starring kid-com Even Stevens, and Lizzie McGuire, which is actually getting a continuation series with star Hillary Duff.

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To be expected "Disney+" itself is also a big topic on Twitter today, as is Disney in general. (Not to mention Jim Carrey, whose next film Sonic The Hedgehog perhaps wisely revealed its newly redesigned titular character as counter-programming to Disney+'s launch.) But who wants to spend all day going through Twitter trends whenever there are so many good movies and TV shows to start binging. And if you feel like you're getting overwhelmed, take comfort in knowing you're that much smarter than Boy Meets World's Eric.

Disney+ is available to order right now. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial by using this link.

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