Since Ian Somerhalder Knows Who Stefanie Salvatore Is, Can We Get Both On Legacies?

The Vampire Diaries Damon looks at Elena Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries alum Ian Somerhalder just instantly recognized the name "Stefanie Salvatore" as his own daughter -- or at least Damon Salvatore's daughter -- as introduced via a reference in Legacies Season 1. So since Somerhalder is ready to acknowledge his status as Daddy Damon, can we get to him to accept parental responsibilities on the spinoff show?

I already listed a bunch of ways Legacies Season 2 could introduce Damon and Elena's daughter Stefanie. She was mentioned during a casual conversation between Josie and Lizzie Saltzman during Season 1's alternate timeline episode. Sure, it was an alternate timeline, but there's nothing to suggest Stefanie -- named in honor of Damon's late brother Stefan -- does not actually exist in Mystic Falls in the timeline of Legacies.

Ian Somerhalder came into the conversation during a recent interview with TVLine about his upcoming Netflix show V Wars. The site asked if the name Stefanie Salvatore rang a bell, and Somerhalder knew right away. He also had positive things to say about Legacies, although he hasn't had time to check it out much yet:

I haven’t been able to dive too deep into the story of Legacies — we’ve been in post-production on V Wars for 11 months — but it’s amazing to know that these characters are still going. They’re doing a really great job. It’s a fun show and it looks cool.

Nice. It may not just be his time on V Wars that's keeping him from watching Legacies. The Vampire Diaries only ended two years ago, he may want some distance. Then again, he was just part of a fan convention on the 10-year anniversary of The Vampire Diaries' premiere. He is very much tied to the show -- and still close to Stefan actor Paul Wesley, with whom he's launching a Damon-friendly line of bourbon.

Back to Stefanie, though. The Vampire Diaries ended with Damon newly human, starting a new life with Elena. The Originals showed that Dr. Elena Salvatore had a family practice in Mystic Falls. And Legacies added the note that Damon and Elena had children. Maybe more than just Stefanie.

After the Legacies Season 1 finale, The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec answered a fan question wondering if we'd ever see Damon and Elena's kids on the Vampire Diaries spinoff. Julie said it was on her list of things to think about, why a child of Damon and Elena's would be supernatural and at a boarding school. But, as fans noted, Stefanie & siblings wouldn't have to be supernatural or at the Salvatore School. Stefanie could not have any magical or supernatural abilities, and either be aware of that world or not. Or something could happen to her, as it often does in Mystic Falls, and she could become supernatural and attend the school.

Since Josie and Lizzie Saltzman were already young kids by the time The Vampire Diaries ended, and Damon and Elena were just starting their new lives, Stefanie Salvatore would be several years younger than the Saltzman twins. That's why I was speculating that maybe the twins referred to Damon as "Stefanie Salvatore's dad" on Legacies because they babysat Stefanie or something.

Ian Somerhalder is now busy promoting V Wars, but once the 10 episode are on Netflix as of December 5, then he begins the fingers-crossed wait for V Wars Season 2. Maybe some bargaining is in order? Since Chris Wood's Kai is coming to Legacies Season 2, maybe we can twist Ian Somerhalder's arm for a cameo as Damon?

Maybe Nina Dobrev could also be convinced to cameo as Elena, since more than two years have gone by now and it may be time to start getting a wee bit nostalgic? We may never actually get Candice King's Caroline on Legacies, but dagnabbit can we try for everyone else who would make sense for the current timeline?

At least we know The Originals' Freya Mikaelson will be coming to Legacies, and in fact she'll show up next week on November 21. Legacies Season 2 continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Gina Carbone

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