Could Mark Ruffalo's Hulk Appear In Disney+'s She-Hulk TV Show?

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Marvel Studios is bringing its uber successful brand into the next decade, and there's no sign of the company taking its foot off the gas anytime soon thanks to Disney+. It's a concern for some, but thrilling for die-hard Marvel fans who will get to see heroes like Moon Knight and She-Hulk in live-action on the small screen. On the latter note, it appears She-Hulk could even get a cameo from Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, which would be an "absolute win" if it happens.

Mark Ruffalo is willing to be a part of She-Hulk, though he doesn't know if he's going to be in it. That will be a discussion happening soon though, as Ruffalo revealed he's about to sit down with Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige to discuss the details.

I don’t know, I’m supposed to go talk to the great Mr. Feige, the great mysterious Mr. Feige to see if there’s some place.

Mark Ruffalo looks to be on board for She-Hulk, but it's going to come down to what Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige want to do with that. It's possible they have entirely different plans for Ruffalo's Hulk, and appearing in She-Hulk could interfere with that. Basically, just because Mark Ruffalo stated (via People) he's interested does not mean this is a done deal.

Depending on what point Marvel will pick up in She-Hulk's life, it would certainly benefit Marvel to have Mark Ruffalo willing to cameo. Jennifer Walter's abilities in the comics came as a result of an emergency blood transfusion, which was given to her by her cousin Bruce Banner. If She-Hulk wants to recreate that moment, it would certainly behoove them to work out at the very least a small cameo for Ruffalo to appear in character.

It's not crazy to think that will happen as Mark Ruffalo would be just one of many MCU actors appearing on a Disney+ show in the coming years. What may be a little more tricky is the licensing rights, as there is a bit of hoop jumping that would have to happen due to Hulk being property of Universal Studios. The agreement has prevented Hulk from being the star of MCU movies in the past.

This isn't the first time Mark Ruffalo has shared some thoughts on She-Hulk, as he recently said he thought Tessa Thompson would be a great fit for the character. It's probably something that won't happen given that she's currently playing Valkyrie in the MCU, but it's good to see Ruffalo has some interest in being a part of the project. If we can't get actual solo Hulk movies, his appearing on a Disney+ series (for which readers can enjoy a free 7-day trial) would be the next best thing!

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She-Hulk is in the works at Marvel for an eventual release on Disney+, and CinemaBlend has been keeping tabs on the increasing amount of Marvel news quite well. Be sure to stick with us for more on the world of Marvel, and for more happening in television and movies.

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